Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1091 - Astonished! Shaken! (15)

Chapter 1091: Astonished! Shaken! (15)

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He had always favored male over female, so how could he be willing to hand the Nangong Family to Nangong Lan? Nangong Lan would eventually marry, so wasn’t giving it to her the same as giving it an outsider?

“I will make the decision myself. Speak no more of it.” Nangong Qing swept his eyes over the elders and walked out of the assembly hall.

Inside the main hall, various family heads were anxiously pacing back and forth. When they saw Nangong Qing leading a group of people and quickly walking toward them, their eyes brightened and hurriedly went up to meet him.

“Family Head Nangong, we came here for Young Master. Is he here?”

Nangong Qing opened his mouth, about to speak, but was interrupted by the elders who closely followed him.

“Family Head, you should hand Eldest Young Master to them. Why should you waste wealth for Eldest Young Master? Everyone, the elders of the Nangong Family unanimously decided to expel Eldest Young Master out of the Family.”

Nangong Qing’s expression changed, and he looked back and malevolently asked, “Who gave you that right?”

“Family Head, we keep the Nangong Family in our considerations, so we naturally don’t wish for the Nangong Family to suffer a financial loss.” That elder snorted and turned to the family heads that filled the main hall. “Nangong Yunyi is no longer a member of our Nangong Family, and you can punish him as you please. We absolutely won’t interfere!”

Nangong Qing’s expression turned more displeased, and his knuckles cracked from how tight he clenched them.

All the family heads blankly looked at each other and scratched their head with a face full of confusion.

“Hand Young Master to us? What does that mean? How come I don’t understand your words? Why do you want to expel Young Master from your Family?”

The elder was startled and asked, “Didn’t you come here to seek restitution from him because something went wrong after consuming Eldest Young Master’s prescriptions?”

“Seek restitution? Why would we want to seek restitution from Young Master?” One of the family heads glanced at the elder with misgivings and turned his line of sight toward Nangong Qing. “Family Head Nangong, the matter is like this, Young Master’s prescriptions are simply too miraculous. My good friend’s daughter originally had a scar on her face, but within two hours of consuming the prescribed medicine, her scar healed completely. My daughter intentionally went to the West District to wait a whole day today and didn’t see Young Master come, so we especially hurried to the Nangong Family to request earnestly for Young Master to come out and treat illnesses.”

Even Nangong Qing was struck dumb, let alone those elders who voiced their ridicule. Nangong Yunyi really knew how to treat people? How come I as his father never knew?

“That’s right, we came here to request Young Master Nangong to treat illnesses and request sincerely for Family Head Nangong to allow Young Master to come out to diagnose for us.”

“My son’s body doesn’t have any problems, but he often feels fatigue. Hence, after hearing of Young Master’s abilities, we came here to seek treatment. As long as Young Master is willing to treat him, I’m willing to pay 50 million taels, let alone 30 million taels.

Nangong Qing was stupefied and dumbfoundedly looked at all of the emotional family heads. He had some hesitation in his tone as he asked, “You just said that Yi’er can cure you?”

“That’s right, it was because your son cured many people that we came to find him for treatment. I request Family Head Nangong to invite your son out.”

It was like lightning struck them, and the faces of all the Nangong Family elders abruptly froze. These people’s words were like a fierce and resounding slap on their faces.

Nangong Lan who hurried over also heard their words, and the color drained from her pretty face. She involuntarily staggered back a few steps.

Nangong Yunyi really knew how to treat and save people? Since when did he possess this ability?


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