Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1090 - Astonished! Shaken! (14)

Chapter 1090: Astonished! Shaken! (14)

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The gazes of the people went from their original anticipation to disappointment. Could it be that Nangong Yunyi was angered by yesterday’s events and would not continue to come here to treat them as a result?

Just as the people’s minds were filled with uncertainty, a guard walked out of the estate and expressionlessly said, “You don’t have to wait for Young Master Nangong here anymore. The people from the Nangong Family claimed he was stirring up trouble, so they locked him up. It will be useless no matter how long you wait.”


Hearing this, everyone became anxious. If Nangong Yunyi was locked up, who could treat their illnesses? Suddenly, those people appeared to have recalled something and turned their sight to the guard.

“Don’t look at me. My master won’t easily treat people. If you want treatment, you are better off finding Young Master Nangong. After all, Young Master’s pricing is reasonable. My master will charge you at least 50 million taels for each treatment with no room for bargaining!”

Everyone sighed in disappointment. It looked like they could only place their hopes on Nangong Yunyi now.

“Let’s go. We will go home and find our father to plead on Young Master Nangong’s behalf. Young Master Nangong’s medical skill is so brilliant and hidden, but the Nangong Family actually locked him up.”

“That’s right, even though our Family’s power can’t compare to the Nangong Family’s, the Nangong Family still has to release Nangong Yunyi on our behalf! No matter what, we can’t allow Young Master Nangong to suffer this injustice.”

Everyone made up their mind and hurried toward their home.

The parents of these children might not have believed in Nangong Yunyi in the beginning, but now that they saw so many people’s illness improving, they were involuntarily shocked by this miracle. Hence, they allowed their children to find Nangong Yunyi to seek treatment as they wished this time.

However… their parents were out the whole day and rushed back around evening without any joy. They had a face full of anxiousness instead.

It was after inquiring about it that they learned Nangong Yunyi was locked up.

How could that do?

In an instant, the family heads of each Family hastily dashed toward Nangong Family. Their speed was so quick that it made people gasp in amazement.

Nangong Family.

All the Family elders were discussing matters with Nangong Qing inside the assembly hall. The content of their discussion was the prodigal Nangong Yunyi.

Suddenly, a hurried voice was traveled through the door and entered the assembly hall.

“Family Head, the family heads of the various Families are requesting an audience.”

“Look.” An elder sneered, his face full of contempt. “They must have gotten ill from the prescription that Eldest Young Master gave them and came to seek restitution from Eldest Young Master.”

“Humph!” Nangong Qing snorted. “Let them come. It’s not like I am scared of those people.”

The elder mockingly chuckled. “These Families combined together aren’t a match for the Nangong Family, but if they join forces with the Wu Family or the Ou Family, it will be a different story! After all, there are so many Families inside Endless City that everyone wants to recruit.”

The balanced state between the three great Families could be broken because of this.

Nangong Qing was also deeply familiar with this point, and his face did not look too pleased. “We will speak about the concrete details of the matter after we see the head of each Family. If anything truly happened, we will give the compensation regardless of its amount!”

“Family Head, I truly don’t understand you. Is it worth it for Eldest Young Master? Miss is so outstanding and can completely support the entire Nangong Family. Eldest Young Master is nothing but a prodigal, so why should you waste so much effort on him? In my view, directly giving him to those people will suffice.”

Hearing the elder’s voice, Nangong Qing tightly clenched his fists.

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