Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1089 - Astonished! Shaken! (13)

Chapter 1089: Astonished! Shaken! (13)
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Once spirit beasts could cultivate to the point of anthromorphosis, their battle skills would grow exponentially.

“All the credit goes to Master,” the Hamster Queen gently stated. “If it weren’t for Master, we wouldn’t be able to successfully transform into a human. You are the benefactor of our hamster tribe, and we won’t ever forget that.”

If Yun Luofeng did not appear, they could only continue to hide inside the Forest of No Return. How could they have their current lives? Spirit beasts were more genuine than humans. They would use their whole life to repay whoever treated them well!

“Mother.” A gold-seeking hamster poked out of the underbrush on the side. She shook her head and walked toward Milk Tea and the Hamster Queen.

Milk Tea was taken aback for a moment before recognizing the pink gold-seeking hamster in front of him. His eyes were full of joy. “Meng Meng, you can use human speech?”

Meng Meng abashedly nodded. “Master gave me a lot of medicinal herbs, so I used those herbs to break through to god level. However, there isn’t the anthromophosis fruit, so I can’t transform into a human for now.”

Milk Tea’s throat was somewhat dry. How could he not know that Yun Luofeng spent so much effort raising Meng Meng’s strength for him?

“Little Tree doesn’t have any more anthromophosis fruit for now, so I will help Meng Meng morph into a human after he produces the fruit.”

Milk Tea had to wait until Meng Meng turned into a human before he could be together with her. Of course, the prerequisite was that Milk Tea had to successfully woo Meng Meng.

In a certain Family, a man who was handling his official matters heard a sharp scream. By the time he reacted and wanted to go investigate the matter, his daughter was already hastily stumbling through the door.

“Father, Father, my faceā€¦”

“What about your face?” The man was startled and looked up at his daughter’s face. A single glance stupefied him.

“My precious, what happened to the scar on your face? Where did it go?”

Currently, his daughter’s face was smooth and without any blemish. On top of that, her skin was even a lot better than previously.

“Father, in truth, I secretly used the prescription that Nangong Yunyi gave me. The result was that my scar disappeared in less than two hours,” the girl emotionally explained.

Heaven knew how much disdain she had suffered due to the scar on her face during these past years. How could she not be emotional now that the scar had disappeared?

Her father was startled and dumbfounded as he looked at his daughter. “You are telling the truth? It was the prescription that Nangong Yunyi gave you that caused your scar to disappear?”

“Father, Nangong Yunyi’s medicine was truly miraculous! That won’t do, I must go find Xiao Xiu. Xiao Xiu went with me to the West District earlier, but she was dragged away by her father before being diagnosed by Nangong Yunyi. Perhaps Nangong Yunyi can cure her baldness.”

After saying this, the girl hurriedly turned around and left, leaving behind a man foolishly standing.

At the same time, similar situations occurred inside various Families, and since all the children of those Families knew each other, the news rapidly traveled to the ears of those who did not receive a diagnosis. When they heard the news from their companions, they instantly became excited. Yet, as soon as they remembered that the diagnosis this time required double the original price, they could not help but start blaming their fathers in their hearts.

However, as long as they could be cured, regardless of how high the expense was, it was worth it to them.

As a result, those people did not wait until daybreak before stampeding to the outside of Yun Luofeng’s estate. Their hopeful eyes closely stared at the path on the side. Unfortunately, from dawn to dusk, they were unable to see Nangong Yunyi.

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