Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1082 - Astonished! Shaken! (6)

Chapter 1082: Astonished! Shaken! (6)

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“The Void Mirror belonged to us to begin with. This is simply returning the item to the original owner!” The old man snorted. “Hence, those people he killed were all innocent, and only he is extremely sinful.”

“Haha!” Qin Yuan could not resist bursting into laughter. “You have spoken the most shameless words I have ever heard in my life! What do you mean the Void Mirror was yours to begin with? The Void Mirror was possessed by a man named Void thousands of years ago. It was because my master accidentally entered Void’s tomb that he discovered the Void Mirror! Don’t tell me Void is your ancestor! But I heard that Void was a eunuch!”

The old man wiped the cold sweat from his face, and his expression was quite unsightly. His eyes swirled a few times before he said, “My ancestor is related to Void indeed! So the Void Mirror must go to me!”

His ancestor was related to Void? How could that be? He was merely trying to find a righteous reason to obtain the Void Mirror.

It was every man for himself, or the heavens and earth will destroy you!


Just as the elderly man wanted to continue to frighten the man, he saw that man act. That man did not say anything from start to end. Perhaps it was because these people were not worth his words.

However, when he raised his hand, the wind around them abruptly became fierce like sharp blades, invisibly killing people.

Panic surfaced in the old man’s eyes. He wanted to dodge those winds at all costs, but regardless of how quick he was, could he win against the winds around him? Within moments, all the people present were sliced into countless pieces by the intense wind blades.

“Qin Yuan.” The man pulled out a mirror from his lapels and handed it to Qin Yuan as he said expressionlessly, “Make a trip to the Land of No Return and give this to Feng’er.”

Qin Yuan accepted the Void Mirror and reverently stated, “Yes, my lord.”

He understood that Mistress was the reason that his master wanted to obtain the Void Mirror at the risk of his life!

“After you go, you don’t need to come back. Stay by her side and ensure her safety. As for the people pursuing the Void Mirror, I will eliminate them all.” The man’s voice was aloof and emotionless, but it caused Qin Yuan to suddenly shudder.

This time, carnage would descend on this continent. Anyone who knew that his master possessed the Void Mirror would be eliminated by him without fail. Simply because… he was not willing to bring any danger to Mistress.

Qin Yuan cupped his fists in respect and shot a final glance at the silhouette of the man’s cold and determined back before he turned around and headed the other direction.

Yun Xiao looked back at the direction that Qin Yuan disappeared before looking up at the azure sky, his lips rising with a faint curve.

“With the Void Mirror, your strength will grow faster. As for me, I will conquer this world for you and gift it to you myself!”

The current Yun Luofeng had no idea about the events that occurred around Yun Xiao and naturally did not know that for her, he had become the public enemy of the entire continent.

Inside the courtyard, autumn leaves drifted in the sky. On top of the artificial mountain, Yun Luofeng’s legs swung back and forth, her posture languid and wicked. Her hands held an invitation, and an enigmatic smile was on her lips.

“Master, why did the Ou Family seek you out?” Lin Ruobai blinked, her eyes full of confusion.

Yun Luofeng smiled. “Last time, I made Ou Ya lose face at Nangong’s birthday banquet. She must want to regain her reputation this time, which is why she invited me to join her gathering.”

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