Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1081 - Astonished! Shaken! (5)

Chapter 1081: Astonished! Shaken! (5)

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Qing Mu glanced at Yun Luofeng. “Tower Master, I think that there will still be spies among the physicians who joined Physician Tower. Should we find a way to lure them out?”

“Lure them out?” The corner of Yun Luofeng’s turned up. “Don’t you think that’s too troublesome?”

“Um…” Qing Mu was startled. “It would be harmful to the Physician Tower if we don’t lure them out.”

Yun Luofeng lazily leaned against the back of her chair with a bewitching smile. “It doesn’t need to be that troublesome! There is a more convenient way to dispel their intention to harm the Physician Tower.”

“What way?”

“This method is very simple, and that is… to make the Wu Family and Ou Family cease to exist! Or turn them into our own tool.”

Qing Mu was completely dumbfounded.

Luring out a spy was troublesome? So she will eliminate the origin of these spies? Who else besides her would say something so domineering in this world?

Qing Mu subconsciously wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “Tower Master, isn’t this more troublesome?”

“Qing Mu,” Yun Luofeng looked up and stared at him, “You have to understand that if you kill a spy, another spy will come. The best solution is to become powerful! On a continent that reveres strength, as long as you possess a strong enough power, who would dare to plot against you?”

Qing Mu grew silent.

Yun Luofeng was right. The only permanent solution was to become formidable! Spies could never be completely cleared. It was only when the Physician Tower was so strong that people would not plot against it that spies would stop appearing!

“I’m tired.” Yun Luofeng lazily stretched. “You’re excused.”

Qing Mu wryly chuckled with helplessness. Perhaps he was truly old, he could not see through a matter as well as a youngster.

Shooting one last glance at the fatigued Yun Luofeng, Qing Mu turned around and walked out, cautiously closing the door.

After he left, Yun Luofeng suddenly opened her eyes. Through the veil covering the window, she looked at the clear blue sky. “Yun Xiao, wait for me. I will use the quickest speed to become stronger and trace your steps!”

On another continent, maple leaves wildly danced in the air. Blood dyed the entire forest red and lustrously stood out in the midst of the vibrant rain of leaves.

A countless number of people stood in the forest, encircling a man.

The man was handsome with chiseled looks. His black robes fluttered in the wild winds, making him appear aloof and domineering. His dark and deep eyes slowly swept across the people around him, and his imposing killing intent rushed out.

Fierce winds abruptly surged again, drawing in the fallen leaves. The leaves turned into an innumerable amount of sharp, long swords and pierced into the throats of the enemies in an instant, snuffing out their lives.

The expressions of the leading old men all drastically changed, and their gaze toward the man filled with caution and fear. Even so, they did not back up or get terrified by the man’s powerful aura.

“Ghost Emperor! You should be sentenced to death since you killed so many people!” The old man suppressed the panic festering in his heart and said, “However, I will bear your youth and ignorance in mind and am willing to spare your life. Hand the Void Mirror over, and I will spare your life!”

“Cough, cough!”

Qin Yuan coughed and climbed up from the ground, his complexion revealing his weakness. After hearing the old man’s shameless words, he could not help but snort and sneer, “Those people died in my master’s hands because they were trying to steal the Void Mirror. Why can’t my master kill them? Aren’t you also here to steal the treasure? So how could you have the nerve to say such pompous words!”

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