Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1080 - Astonished! Shaken! (4)

Chapter 1080: Astonished! Shaken! (4)

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Inside the room, Yun Luofeng entered and sat on a chair. She raised a cup of tea and lightly sipped before saying, “Send someone to follow Lin You. He shouldn’t have left the West District yet.”

Qing Mu was startled. “Tower Master, are you suspecting Lin You of being a threat to our Physician Tower?”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “Do you think only the Wu Family sent someone here after the giant disturbance that the Physician Tower caused? I have determined that Lin You must be connected to the Ou Family.”

Qing Mu narrowed his eyes. “The Ou Family? Tower Master, why do you think it’s the Ou Family instead of the Nangong Family?”

Yun Luofeng started chuckling. “Because I know the Young Master of the Nangong Family, and Nangong typically has loose lips, so if he was sent by the Nangong Family I would have certainly heard it from him.”

A Wu Family, an Ou Family… It appears that the commotion of the Physician Tower had attracted quite a few people.

Outside of the West District, in the middle of a deserted mountain, Lin You was anxiously looking around, as though searching for something. Suddenly, a green figure descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

When he saw the figure, joy entered Lin You’s face. “Miss Wuying, you’re finally here.”

Wuying coldly watched Lin You. “How is the progress of the task that my lord assigned you?”

Lin You lowered his head with guilt in his eyes. “Apologies, Miss Wuying, I was unable to enter the Physician Tower.”

“Why?” Wuying’s gaze turned chillier. “I heard that you can enter the Physician Tower for certain as long as you want to join. How come you couldn’t enter?”

“About this…” Lin You wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Previously, the Tower Master of the Physician Tower had a dispute with me due to medicine. When I saw she did not understand some parts of medicine, I kindly gave her a few pointers. Who knew she wouldn’t appreciate it at all and even reprimanded me severely?! But who would have thought that she would be the Tower Master of the Physician Tower? Those people’s medical skills are completely inadequate and can’t compare to our lord’s. She merely acquired a few medical texts out of luck and is using it to deceive and swindle people.”

Lin You did not dare to speak the true reason at all and could only shove all the blame to Yun Luofeng with a few additional juicy details. Otherwise, if these people learned that he could not enter the Physician Tower due to his arrogance and conceit, they definitely would not let him off easily!

“Follow me then. My lord is still waiting for you.” Wuying coldly glanced at Lin You and turned around, heading deeper into the forest.

Lin You finally relaxed. If he did not want to join them, he would not risk entering the Physician Tower. Who knew he would have provoked Yun Luofeng before even entering…

“Humph!” Lin You snorted. “A tiny Physician Tower would dare to be so insolent! Losing me is absolutely your loss. As for me… without the Physician Tower, I still have a better faction waiting for me.”

After saying this, he hastily chased after Wuying…

Lin You evidently did not realize that a shadow was hiding inside the forest and secretly observing everything.

It was not until they left that the person turned around and disappeared into the forest.

When Yun Luofeng received the guard’s report, she grew silent for a moment. “It looks like there are other factions keeping an eye on the Physician Tower besides the Nangong Family and the Ou Family. I simply wonder about the origins of this faction.”

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