Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1074 - Banquet (8)

Chapter 1074: Banquet (8)

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“We already said that there wasn’t anything wrong. Now that Miss Ou Ya says this as well, what else do you have to say? Could it be that the other physicians along with me can’t compare to you alone?”

Yun Luofeng slightly smiled and looked up at Ou Ya. “Have you heard of rabies?”

Ou Ya nodded. “Rabies is an incurable terminal disease. Any spirit beasts who catch this disease must be killed!”

“And the symptoms of rabies?” Yun Luofeng continued to ask.

Ou Ya was silent for a moment. “Spirit beasts who catch this disease won’t have any symptoms in its early stages but will suddenly go mad in the later stages and be extremely terrified of wind and water! If they are met with these two objects, they will go crazy and attack humans.”

“It’s not that the early stages of rabies don’t have symptoms, it’s that you can’t observe them.” Yun Luofeng wickedly smiled. “Also, if you are met with a spirit beast who caught rabies, and you collect its saliva and mix it with other herbs, it will produce a toxic poison! It’s obvious that this blood lion was poisoned by that!”

Ou Ya was startled. “The early stages of rabies have symptoms? I have never heard of this!”

Hearing this, the other people all hastily agreed.

“Miss Ou Ya isn’t the only one, we also have never heard of this! You must be making things up, Family Head, you must not believe this woman!”

Yun Luofeng indifferently glanced at the elderly man who spoke. “Your lack of knowledge means you are ignorant!”

“You…” The elderly man turned livid with anger. “You actually dared to say I’m ignorant? Let me tell you, I already joined the Physician Tower a few days ago. The various medical texts inside the Physician Tower don’t have records of these symptoms either, so even if you invited the Tower Master of the Physician Tower here, she would also think you are sprouting nonsense!”

The Physician Tower?

Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes. “It looks like entry to the Physician Tower must be stricter and can’t allow some people to enter as they please.”

The old man sneered. “I entered the Physician Tower based on my own strength! If you are really medically inclined, why can’t you even enter the Tower? This merely proves that you are nothing but a swindler!”

Yun Luofeng did not say anything more to the old man and turned to Nangong Yunyi. “Go and bring a bowl of clear water here.”

Nangong Yunyi understood Yun Luofeng’s following course of action and nodded, hurriedly walking out of the banquet hall.

Before he left, he subconsciously glanced at Nangong Lan. If this blood lion was really poisoned, then it meant that Nangong Lan would not let him off even if he was a useless prodigal!

A moment later, Nangong Yunyi walked in holding a tub of water. He silently walked to the cage and poured the water onto the blood lion’s head.

Absolute silence dawned on the entire banquet hall. Everyone stared at the cage without blinking, and no one discovered Nangong Lan’s ghastly pale face.


The contact with water appeared to have worsened the condition of the blood lion. He madly banged against the cage. His previously gentle eyes turned abnormally ferocious, his pupils completely blood red.

Inside the banquet hall, there was no other noise besides the sound of the blood lion banging against the cage.

Everyone maintained their silence in unity, their gaze going from its initial astonishment to turmoil.

The blood lion really went mad, and Yun Luofeng spoke the truth! How laughable it was that they were ridiculing her just now!

Recalling the things they said, they wanted nothing more than to find a hole to burrow themselves into. It would be better than humiliating themselves here!

Ou Ya’s expression darkened, and she tightly clenched her fists. Her eyes swept toward Yun Luofeng with a frosty glint.


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