Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1073 - Banquet (7)

Chapter 1073: Banquet (7)

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Did they see something wrong? The powerful and strong blood lion was afraid of a little sable?

“The winged, purple-tailed sable!” Nangong Qing’s voice grew more emotional. “This is the rare spirit beast, the winged, purple-tailed sable! And this sable’s strength should be at the god-level spirit beast realm!”

At this moment, everyone’s expression was very vibrant. It was as though their faces were dyed a mixture of cyan and purple.

Nangong Yunyi guffawed and placed his hand on Yun Luofeng’s shoulder. “Yun Luofeng, you’re truly generous. I only had asked you to give me a sky-level spirit beast, but you actually gave me such a giant surprise.”

Compared to Yun Luofeng’s purple-tailed sable, what did the blood lion amount to?

Nangong Lan’s eyes flickered, and she walked toward Yun Luofeng with a smile. “Miss Yun, no wonder you are Eldest Brother’s best friend. I am convinced about my loss this time! Can Miss Yun tell me where you captured this purple-tailed sable? I would also like to try my luck.”

“I think you are better off saving your blood lion first,” Yun Luofeng said with a light chuckle.

Nangong Lan’s expression abruptly changed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean your blood lion is extremely poisoned and won’t live long.”

Ever since the blood lion was brought here, Yun Luofeng had noticed its peculiarity. This blood lion was not truly tamed and was poisoned instead! The poison caused it to be devoid of energy and it could only lie in the cage and wait for death.

Its roar toward the sable was also lacking in strength, so it was apparent that it was almost beyond saving.

“Moreover…” Yun Luofeng paused. “This poison makes the blood lion devoid of strength right now, but it won’t be long before it becomes strangely ferocious. Whoever approaches it will be bitten to death by it!”

Nangong Lan’s face drained of color, and she tried her best to suppress the anxiety in her head as she shakily said, “What do you mean? Does someone want to harm my Nangong Family? But my Nangong Family has never antagonized anyone, so why would they borrow my hand to harm someone of my Nangong Family?”

After Nangong Lan spoke, everyone agreed one after another.

“That’s right! Who would have the guts to act against the Nangong Family?”

“There are many physicians present, but no one noticed this. What does a little girl like you know?”

Hearing their words, Nangong Yunyi’s expression became more displeased, and he snorted, “Your inability to discover anything means you are unskilled and useless!”

“We are useless?” An elderly man grew intensely furious. “Young Master Nangong, we didn’t bother with you because we are in front of Master Nangong! But you would slander us like that? Yes, we are unskilled and can’t see anything. However, I have long since heard that Miss Ou Ya of the Ou Family has mastered medicine at a young age and even many masters who have been renowned for years recognize their inadequacy. Miss Ou Ya just happens to be here now, so why don’t we invite her to take a look?”   U.p..dated by B

In a flash, many gazes fell on Ou Ya.

Ou Ya put down the chopsticks in her hands and slowly stood up. Her movement was graceful, and an air of nobility surrounded her. “Out of respect for the Nangong Family, I will help to see if this spirit beast is truly poisoned.”

In front of everyone, Ou Ya walked to the front of the blood lion’s cage and knelt down, carefully observing the blood lion inside the cage.

A moment later, she stood up and shook her head. “This spirit beast is very healthy and doesn’t have any illness!”

Turmoil took over the crowd, and mocking words shot toward Yun Luofeng like knives once again.


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