Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1072 - Banquet (6)

Chapter 1072: Banquet (6)

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“That’s right, in the eyes of the ordinary folks, the space ring is a rare treasure. However, to the Nangong Family, they don’t lack space rings. She must have been unable to bring out anything decent, so she is using the space ring as a present.”

The corner Nangong Lan’s lips also raised, mockery apparent on her face.

A space ring? Someone who would take out a present like this mustn’t be anyone of noble status. Father will be able to clearly see the type of people that Nangong Yunyi befriends!

However, Nangong Qing did not get angry as Nangong Lan imagined and eagerly stared at the ring that Yun Luofeng gave to Nangong Yunyi.

“This ring is the legendary ring that can hold spirit beasts!”

It was a long while before Nangong Qing’s quivering voice was heard. Instantly, the people previously ridiculing Yun Luofeng were startled.

The legendary ring that can hold spirit beasts?

“This ring is the spirit beast ring?”

“Did this girl guess that Miss Nangong’s present was a spirit beast, so she followed her lead and used this ring as a present?”

“The spirit beast ring is valuable indeed, but Miss Nangong’s present is more practical, so she has lost to Miss Nangong this time.”

As though she did not hear those mocking voices, Yun Luofeng shrugged. “I discovered this ring while I was searching for your present, so I bought it for you while I was at it. See if you like it.”

Her meaning was that this spirit beast ring was not her present for Nangong Yunyi? She only bought it while she was at it?

Nangong Yunyi recovered his senses and glanced at Yun Luofeng, suddenly understanding something. He wore the ring, and his fingers gently touched the ring. Instantly, a white light beamed from the ring, blinding everyone.

Inside the white light, a blurry figure slowly appeared.

It was a little sable, its entire body white like snow. Its purple tail stood up as its purple eyes, similar to agate, shifted everywhere, terribly quick-witted. There was a pair of wings growing from the sable’s back, its feathers clean and spotlessly white like an angel’s.

“A little sable?”

Amidst the crowd, someone derisively laughed, “This sable is only good for playing cute at most and can’t fight at all! It can’t be compared to Miss Nangong’s blood lion!”

Nangong Yunyi slowly walked to the front of the sable and dryly said, “To me, nothing can compare to this sable!”

Because this spirit beast was given to him by Yun Luofeng. So, regardless of how strong the blood lion was, its importance could not compare to the sable.

The sable disdainfully glanced at the person who insulted it just now. It lifted its little short legs and elegantly and gracefully walked toward the blood lion trapped inside the cage.

“Roar!” Seeing the approaching sable, the blood lion roared in warning, its voice carrying an imperceptible trembling quality that no one could hear.

“Miss Nangong, release your blood lion and put the sable in its place!” the person continued to sneer, evidently disregarding the adorable sable.

The sable hummed and slowly reached the blood lion. It lifted its head and haughtily looked down on the blood lion.

The blood lion finally felt fear, and its enormous body hurriedly backed up a few steps. It was intensely shaking, as though the harmless looking sable was some fierce wild beast.

Seeing this, the people, who were once full of ridicule, instantly felt their words stuck in their throats, their face completely stunned.


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