Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1071 - Banquet (5)

Chapter 1071: Banquet (5)

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In an instant, everyone’s line of sight gathered onto the cage, including Nangong Qing’s.

“What is this? It actually requires a cage to hold it?”

“It looks like the cage keeps shaking, so it should be something alive.”

“Alive? Could it be a spirit beast?”

Everyone was incredibly astonished. spirit beasts were difficult to acquire. To be able to tame a spirit beast, a person needed to not only spend energy but also have enough strength.

Nangong Lan actually gave a spirit beast as a birthday present?

It looks like Nangong Lan treats her brother extremely well.

Following Nangong Lan’s order, the guards put down the cage and pulled the red cloth from the top of the cage. A gigantic red lion appeared in everyone’s view.

The lion was completely blood red and incredibly powerful. However, the innately violent lion was actually docilely lying in the cage, akin to an obedient kitten.

“My goodness, that is the king of the forest, the blood lion! The blood lion is very valuable! Young Master Nangong has received a treasure this time!”

Nangong Lan wore a faint smile. “It took me several months before I could tame this blood lion so that I could give him to Eldest Brother, and Eldest Brother’s safety will be protected!”

Nangong Qing glanced at his daughter with complicated emotions flashing through his eyes.

Arguably, Nangong Lan was strong and incomparably outstanding, and handing the Nangong Family to her would be an exceptional choice. Unfortunately, Nangong Lan was a daughter! How could a woman handle this heavy responsibility? Women can only be accessories and could not step above a man!

“Father.” Nangong Lan’s smile deepened. “Some time ago, Eldest Brother’s friend and I had a chance meeting, and we fought over a spirit beast. I imagine she must have known that Eldest Brother liked spirit beasts, so she stole the spirit beast in order to ingratiate herself with Eldest Brother.”

Nangong Lan turned to Yun Luofeng. “Miss Yun, did you bring that spirit beast?”

Nangong Yunyi frowned and was about to fly into a rage when a hand extended from the side and tightly pressed on his arm.

The girl lazily leaned against the back of the chair with a wicked smile on her lips. “It looks like the Eldest Miss of the Nangong Family doesn’t have a great memory and has forgotten the events from just a few days ago. You should find a physician to treat you as soon as possible.”

Nangong Lan’s expression remained unchanged with a faint smile. “Miss Yun, what do you mean?”

“First, when we fought over the spirit beast that day, I already mentioned that the spirit beast was a gift for my disciple! Second, I didn’t steal the spirit beast, it chose me!”

Her words did not anger Nangong Lan though, and her face retained its smile. “Apologies, I didn’t hear those words of yours and thought you wanted to fight over the spirit beast to give it to my brother! However, you can’t be held responsible for not considering my brother as important as your disciple in your heart!”

Yun Luofeng’s wicked eyes glanced at Nangong Lan before she turned to Nangong Yunyi and dug out a ring from the folds of her clothes, handing it to him.

“This is my present for you. Do you like it?”

Space ring?


Seeing the present that Yun Luofeng pulled out, some of the people present could not resist laughing out loud.

“Haha, I’m going to die from laughing! She actually pulled out a space ring to give it to Young Master Nangong? That’s right, with her status, the most valuable object she can pull out would be a space ring.”


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