Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1068 - Banquet (2)

Chapter 1068: Banquet (2)

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After saying that, Ou Ya gracefully entered the Nangong Family’s banquet.

Banquet Hall

Yun Luofeng bumped into a cyan-robed girl as soon as she entered the hall. When the girl saw Yun Luofeng, she was taken aback and could not help but blurt out, “It’s you?”

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng looked up, and she saw an unworldly exquisite face. The beauty in front of her had a calm mannerism that did not reveal any other expression besides the initial shock upon seeing Yun Luofeng. She even smiled at her.

“I didn’t imagine we would meet again.”

Nangong Yunyi extended his arm and stepped in front of Yun Luofeng, alertly watching Nangong Lan.

Nangong Lan snickered, “Eldest Brother, look at how worried you are. It’s not like I would eat her. Speaking of which, you don’t lack women by your side, but I have never seen you worried about any of them. Is this girl more important than Ou Ya in your heart?”

The fact that Nangong Yunyi had great affection for Ou Ya was no secret inside Endless City! It was no wonder that Nangong Lan would say something like that.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Yunyi scoffed at her inquiry. “Ou Ya can’t compare to her.”

It was true that he liked Ou Ya, but if she wanted to be enemies with Yun Luofeng, then he would certainly side with Yun Luofeng regardless of anything.

Nangong Lan smiled, her eyes peering at Ou Ya, who was entering the banquet hall, and a satisfied smile appeared on her lips.

Ou Ya evidently heard Nangong Yunyi’s words, but her expression was very placid without any ripples. On the other hand, the little maidservant behind her grew angry, and her eyes viciously glared at Yun Luofeng and Nangong Yunyi, calling them a b*stard couple in her mind.

That idiot Nangong Yunyi actually said my miss could not compare with that woman? How could a social-climbing flower vase who only had looks compare with my miss?

Nangong Yunyi caught sight of Ou Ya, who appeared behind him. His expression abruptly changed when he realized he had fallen into Nangong Lan’s trap!

Ou Ya did not accept him, to begin with, so he should not bother thinking about making her accept him. However, he did not regret it because these words were the truth in his mind!

Yun Luofeng clapped Nangong Yunyi’s shoulder and looked up at Ou Ya. When she saw Ou Ya, her pupils abruptly contracted. She finally knew why Nangong Yunyi had deep affections for Ou Ya. Her looks were extremely similar to his girlfriend from Huaxia, the department beauty of Huaxia University.

“You know now?” Nangong Yunyi wryly chuckled. “The first time I saw Ou Ya on this continent, I could not resist the urge to be closer to her. Because the two of them look truly too similar, I could not help myself…”

Yun Luofeng cast down her eyes and tenderly consoled, “Don’t worry, I will figure out a way to let you go back! However, you must realize something, the two of them aren’t the same person.”

Nangong Yunyi nodded, a smile appearing on his handsome face. “I understand…”

He had become infatuated, but no one could pull him back. Yun Luofeng’s appearance was like a rope, pulling him back to shore!

It was at this time that Nangong Qing, who was receiving guests outside, heard the commotion and hurriedly entered.

Nangong Yunyi looked up and glanced at Nangong Qing with an unruly smile. “Nothing. I was merely settling my friend! Yun Luofeng, you will sit in the first row later.”


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