Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1065 - Jumping Queue? (5)

Chapter 1065: Jumping Queue? (5)

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Mu Chu’s body trembled as if being electrocuted by lightning. This young lady was the Tower Master?

He actually told the Tower Master of the Physician Tower not to jump the queue?

Recalling his previous actions, Mu Chen felt so embarrassed that he wished he could find a hole and hide inside.

Yun Luofeng looked at Mu Chu from the side. “You only have half a month’s time so why haven’t you left yet?

Hearing this, Mu Chu no longer hesitated and he hastily pushed opened the door and rushed downstairs. He had to seize every minute and second, for fear that if he was an hour or two late, Yun Luofeng would go back on her words!

After all, the Physician Tower was his last hope and he couldn’t abandon it!

“Miss Yun.”

After Mu Chu left, Qing Mu walked in and chuckled. “Oh wait, I can’t address you as Miss Yun in the future, but Tower Master instead.”

Yun Luofeng waved her hands. “It’s sufficient to address me as before when we’re outside. In addition, help me check up on a person.”


“The eldest miss of the Ou Family!”

Qing Mu was very fast, and soon after that, he had transmitted the news of the Ou Family’s eldest young miss.

Yun Luofeng had already left the Physician Tower at this moment and returned to the house Qing Mu purchased in the West District.

“The eldest miss of the Ou Family is known as the number one genius in Endless City. Her looks are not comparable to Nangong Lan of the Nangong Family and she can only be considered as delicate and pretty at the very most. However, countless men dream of being her lover.”

“Her elegance and grandeur have also attracted several men and it’s rumored that there is no lack of men fighting over her.”

Yun Luofeng slightly furrowed her brows. “What I wanted to know aren’t these things, but instead, about her personality.”

“This…” Qing Mu hesitated for quite a while, “For the time being, I do not know about her temperament. Ultimately, the information I obtained right now is merely what she has displayed to the public. Tower Master, why are you asking about Ou Ya?”

Yun Luofeng smiled. “Nothing much. I have a friend who has taken a liking to Ou Ya and I merely want to understand the situation! That’s right, have you heard about the situation between Ou Ya and Nangong Yunyi?’

Qing Mu gazed curiously at Yun Luofeng but still answered her question.

“Nangong Yunyi being fond of Ou Ya is something that everyone in Endless City is aware of. As for Ou Ya, she has neither declared her stand nor rejected him. I am also unaware of the situation between them.”

Hasn’t made a declaration on her stand?

Since it was so, it also meant rejection in a disguised form!

It seems like even arriving on this mainland, Nangong Yunyi still had to suffer from emotional hurt…

Just as Yun Luofeng wanted to continue inquiring, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from outside.

“Yun Luofeng, it isn’t easy to locate you! Aren’t you coming out to welcome me now that I’ve arrived?”

Yun Luofeng frowned. ” Speak of Cao Cao and he will appear 1 ! Qing Mu, I’m going to meet with an old friend.”

Cao Cao?

Qing Mu rubbed his head. What kind of person was Cao Cao? An old friend of the Tower Master?

Inside the courtyard.

Yun Luofeng spotted the man walking over with haste and the smiling intent in her eyes gradually spread out as she welcomed him. “Nangong, how did you find this place?

Nangong Yunyi chucked and dashingly flung his hair. “Who am I? I calculated your current location by using my fingers 2     ( Updated by BOX NOVEL.COM)

“Is that so? Did you calculate that you would fall down today?” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and wickedly smirked.

“Are you joking? How could I possibly fall?”

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