Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1064 - Jumping Queue? (4)

Chapter 1064: Jumping Queue? (4)
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It was precisely this expression that caused Yun Luofeng to be interested in him.

If this beast were to be nurtured well, perhaps he would become her strength…

“If I were to order you to kill people from the Wu Family, are you willing?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and looked at Mu Chu as she questioned.

Mu Chu was startled. Clearly, he had not anticipated Yun Luofeng would raise such a request. Therefore, he had turned taciturn.

He only replied after a long time later. “All these years, the Wu Family has always treated us siblings as their servants and there was no lack of beatings or hardships that I received. However, without the Wu Family, I would have starved to death back then on the streets and my sister would have died of her serious illness!”

“Even though the Wu Family was inhumane, they provided us siblings a path to survive. Thus, I can only promise that I will stand on your side if the Wu Family were to oppose you. On the other hand, I will not kill people from the Wu Family”

Even though he was eager to save his sister, he was unwilling to kick a benefactor in the teeth.

He understood it was even more impossible for Yun Luofeng to be willing to help him after saying these words. Thinking of this, Mu Chu closed his eyes and revealed a hint of suffering.

My sister, your brother is useless and is unable to save you. I’m sorry…

Suddenly, the vines that bound him retracted so he fell from midair and fiercely tumbled on the floor.

Mu Chu opened his eyes in astonishment as he looked at the white-robed lady standing before him and revealed a puzzled look.

“Miss Yun, you…”

A trace of chilly aura flashed through Yun Luofeng’s languid smile. “Since the Wu Family sent you to steal medical books, they have indirectly proven their intention to oppose the Physician Tower! At that time, I hope you’ll fulfill your promise and raise your hands against the Wu Family!”

Mu Chu helplessly sighed. According to the Wu Family’s disposition, they would definitely desire to obtain the Physician Tower. At that time, it was certain that he would have a falling out with the Wu Family.

“In addition,” Yun Luofeng paused for a moment and continued, “If you wish for my assistance, you have to prove your strength! There’s a dragon cave outside of Endless City with a gigantic dragon guarding it. If you are able to obtain a piece of dragon scale from its body, I will help you! All in all, I will not take in a worthless subordinate.”

Mu Chu’s expression was of resolution. “I will absolutely obtain the dragon scale!”

This was his only hope to save her sister!

“Consume this medicinal pill.”

Yun Luofeng fished out a pill from her lapels and handed over to Mu Chu and he directly consumed it without a second thought.

“I don’t trust you and so I’ve used this medicinal pill to control you!” Yun Luofeng’s line of sight once again turned to Mu Chu, “Describe to me your sister’s condition.”

Mu Chu hesitated. “Why are you asking?”

“I need to know the patient’s condition to prescribe the right medicine for her! During your absence, I will take care of her in secret. However, there’s a time frame for your mission and you have to return in half a months’ time!”

The young lady’s words caused Mu Chu’s eyes to brighten. “Miss Yun, many thanks for taking care of my sister. By the way, I am still unaware of your relationship with this Physician Tower.’

What he wanted to ask was, what relationship did Yun Luofeng have with the Tower Master?


Suddenly, a lovable voice could be heard.

The petite Huohuo had unknowingly appeared, and she sat on one of the ceiling beams in the room. She was swinging her legs and her small jade-like face had a big smile. “Idiot, since my Master is here, obviously she’s the Tower Master.”

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