Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1062 - Jumping Queue? (2)

Chapter 1062: Jumping Queue? (2)

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“However…” Mu Chu looked at the spiral staircase, “This is already the eighth level. From what I know, it’s the Tower Master’s territory if we continue going up!”

Every level in the Physician Tower represented a status and for example, the eighth level was the Elders place of residence while above that was evidently the Tower Master’s residence! Mu Chu couldn’t help but be filled with suspicions. Could it be that the woman had some relation to the Tower Master?

Qing Mu laughed grimly. “There’s no need for questions, just follow me.” After speaking, he continued walking up the stairs.

Seeing this, Mu Chu did not speak any further as he hastily followed him.

The ninth level.

After reaching the entrance of the room, Qing Mu halted his footsteps and turned towards Mu Chu. “Miss Yun is waiting inside. Go inside and meet her.”

Mu Chu’s expression stiffened and he tightly clenched his fist. He was so nervous that sweat flowed down as his breathing became erratic. Seemingly making up his mind, his hand slowly fell on the door and lightly pushed it open…

With his expectations, Yun Luofeng should be half inclined on the bed with a veil faintly covering her body while showing a seducing technique, and he was prepared to sacrifice himself! However, witnessing the scene after entering the room, he was unconsciously stunned as he stood foolishly by the door.

In the room, there was an unruly atmosphere.

The young lady’s body lazily leaned on an expensive chair while her natural bewitching aura involuntarily radiated. Her white robes were purer than snow, insolent, and domineering. Her hands overlapped and were placed on her thigh while her seemingly smiling yet not smiling eyes gazed at Mu Chu standing foolishly at the door.

Mu Chu tightly clenched his teeth, forcefully restrained his emotions, and walked in.


Qing Mu suddenly closed the door and caused Mu Chu to be shocked with a cold sweat. His expression became increasingly awkward, and his fingers restlessly kneaded his clothes.

“I know your motive for asking me here.”

Yun Luofeng quirked her eyebrows. “Oh, then why don’t you tell me about my motive for bringing you here?”

Mu Chu’s expression was unsightly. “If my guess isn’t wrong, you have a high position in this Physician Tower and even have a good relationship with the Tower Master. As long as you allow me to join, I’m willing to do anything you ask me to.”

Yun Luofeng’s eyes narrowed.

Suddenly, she laughed and her laughter was matchlessly gorgeous.

While Mu Chu was in shock, Yun Luofeng’s left hand slightly raised…


Countless vines appeared in this room and firmly tied Mu Chu’s body in a flash.

Mu Chu’s expression became increasingly pale. He was already prepared to devote himself but he didn’t expect to meet a pervert!

Yun Luofeng slowly walked toward Mu Chu and stopped only after arriving in front of him. Her completely wicked eyes checked out the counterpart and lightly laughed. “Your figure is too shriveled and you don’t even have any abdominal muscles. You are severely malnourished and your appearance is too ordinary. I couldn’t even locate you if you were in a crowd. What made you think I was interested in your body?”

Mu Chu’s face once again stiffened. His appearance couldn’t be considered as the number on in the continent but he was still extremely handsome and delicate. Nevertheless, he became ordinary by her words?

Indeed, for Yun Luofeng who was accustomed to looking at Yun Xiao’s face, any man was too ordinary in her eyes.

“Furthermore,” Yun Luofeng swept her eyes over Mu Chu, “just by looking at your figure, I can tell that you definitely have a problem with your ability in the bedroom! I would not come looking for a man like you.”

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