Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1061 - Jumping Queue? (1)

Chapter 1061: Jumping Queue? (1)

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Not expecting his push, Yun Luofeng retreated a few steps back. Looking up, her pitch-black eyes fell on the man who pushed her before.

This man was rather handsome and had delicate facial features. He looked at Yun Luofeng’s gaze and blushed while awkwardly saying, “Don’t use such an expression to look at me. Clearly, you were the one at fault as there are many of us in line while only you wanted to jump queue.”

Immediately, everyone’s line of sight filled with blaming intention fell on Yun Luofeng.

“Miss, this would be your fault. How can you jump the queue out of nowhere?”

“Indeed, we’ve been queuing up for an entire afternoon to join this Physician Tower and why are you jumping the queue?”

These unscrupulous voices blaming Yun Luofeng caused Xiao Mo to feel stifled and he fiercely glared at everyone who spoke and chided her. Just as he wanted to speak, a hand suddenly stretched out and restrained him.

The young lady was beaming with a big smile while her wicked black eyes stared deeply into the youth. Her slightly languid voice sounded unhurriedly under the setting sun.

“Your name?”

The young man was startled. “Mu Chu!”

“Mu Chu?” Her smiling expression became thicker, “Mu Chu from the Zhao Qin Mu Chu 1 ?”

Mu Chu’s expression once again turned red as hot anger rushed forth from his eyes. “Mu from the word, Si Mu 2 and not Zhao Qin Mu Chu!”

During the time when there was a surge of people flocking around, Qing Mu squeezed through from the Physician Tower. Having spotted Yun Luofeng who was surrounded in the middle of people, he was startled for a moment as he hastily went up.

“Miss Yun, you’ve returned?”

Miss Yun?

Regardless of whether it was Mu Chu or others, they had been distracted by Qing Mu’s address. They originally assumed Yun Luofeng was the same as them who came to register, but contrary to their expectations, it seemed that she already belonged to the Physician Tower.

“En,” Yun Luofeng nodded and pointed towards Mu Chu while devilishly spoke, “Great Master Qing Mu, bring this guy into my room.”

Towards Qing Mu, Yun Luofeng still maintained her initial respect for him and so, she had addressed him as Great Master.

It was also this address that caused everyone who was still suspicious of Yun Luofeng’s identity to dispel their original thoughts. Although they heard the Tower Master was a young woman, it was impossible for it to be her. If she was the Tower Master, she wouldn’t have addressed Qing Mu as Great Master.

Mu Chu looked at the leaving Yun Luofeng and his hands placed beside his legs were tightly clenched and a trace of struggle flashed through his eyes.

Bring him to meet her in her room?

This woman had gorgeous looks but was actually a huge pain. However, he did not have a choice…

For his objective for coming today, he could only sacrifice himself!

Thinking of this, Mu Chu took a deep breath and slowly followed Qing Mu into the Physician Tower while others revealed an envious expression looking at the leaving Mu Chu.

Even though they were unaware of the relationship between Qing Mu and this young lady, she would at the very least have a considerable status here. If they could obtain her good graces, their position in the Physician Tower would rise subsequently.

It seemed like a young man had an easier path and could take a shortcut, but for people like themselves, they could only desperately work hard.

Physician Tower.

Mu Chu quietly followed behind Qing Mu but also, he couldn’t restrain his curiosity. “Great Master Qing Mu, where are you leading me to?”

Qing Mu turned and glanced at Mu Chu. “Miss Yun has already said for you to meet her in her room. Naturally, I’m bringing you there.”

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