Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1060 - Countless Physicians Arrival (11)

Chapter 1060: Countless Physicians Arrival (11)

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Yun Luofeng didn’t speak. She was already determined not to let off anyone who harmed Nangong Yunyi.

The sun was setting in the west.

Yun Luofeng and Nangong Yunyi bid farewell at the restaurant’s door. The moment she thought of returning, a green robe suddenly appeared before her, and the lady directly facing her was filled with hate out of jealousy.

“You are a married woman yet you aren’t abiding by a woman’s virtue and seducing other men. Do you think that by seducing the young master, he’ll give you his true heart? That’s truly a joke! The young master has a woman he deeply loves and regardless of identity or status, you can never compare with the woman he fancies!”

The woman Nangong Yunyi deeply loves?

Yun Luofeng raised her brows. Seems like this guy met a woman that he fancies.

However, why didn’t I hear about this from him?

Yun Luofeng’s eyes were slightly turned and looked towards the green-robed lady in a smiling yet not smiling manner. “The woman he has in his heart, what is she like?”

She wanted to understand Nangong Yunyi’s situation and know if she could help him.

The green-robed lady coldly snorted. “The woman the young master fancies is from one of the three influential families, the Ou Family’s eldest miss. If it weren’t because he is an illegitimate child resulting in a lower status, she would have agreed to marry him long ago! The eldest miss is very outstanding and you can never enter his heart!”

Yun Luofeng’s expression darkened while a trace of cold glint flashed through her narrowed eyes. “Low status?”

The green-robed lady looked distracted, not understanding the meaning behind Yun Luofeng’s words.

Yun Luofeng slowly walked towards her. “You wish to ride this huge boat of Nangong Yunyi yet you feel that his status as an illegitimate child is low?”

Suddenly, Yun Luofeng extended her hands and tightly grabbed her neck.

The green-robed lady’s face changed and was deathly pale. She raised her head towards Yun Luofeng while her eyes were filled with fright.

“If I hear the words low status from your mouth again, I wouldn’t mind letting you lose your head. Now scram!” Yun Luofeng raised and flung her hand, ruthlessly sending the green-robed lady flying.

The green-robed lady coughed and staggered as she got up from the ground. She no longer dared to offend Yun Luofeng and she hastily left.

“Master,” Xiao Mo turned towards Yun Luofeng, “it seems like Nangong Yunyi’s life is a tragedy. In his previous incarnation, he was beaten up by you after confessing. Subsequently, when he became attached to the department’s belle, he was involved in your circumstances and came to this mainland before he could confess.”

“Who would have known that after coming to this mainland, his love didn’t bear fruit as the woman he liked disdained his status.”

Hearing Xiao Mo’s words, Yun Luofeng was silent for a long time before she said, “We shouldn’t speak too early! If that eldest miss from the Ou Family likes Yunyi but could only drop it because of her family’s objections, then I’ll definitely do my utmost to assist him!”

Xiao Mo pouted in disapproval.

“Xiao Mo, let’s return. I’ll get Qing Mu to check up on the Ou Family’s situation.”

After throwing out these words, Yun Luofeng walked towards the Physician Tower without consulting anyone.

Currently, Yun Luofeng wasn’t aware that the Physician Tower had become well-known in a day’s time such that even surrounding cities were aware of the tower’s existence. Because of this, it resulted in countless physicians rushing over at high-speed to join the Physician Tower!

It was also because of this that when Yun Luofeng returned to the tower, she saw the gates were blocked by streams of people, forming an impenetrable crowd.

Just as Yun Luofeng wanted to enter, a hand reached out and fiercely pushed her.

“Why are you cutting in line? Hurry up and go to the end of the line!”


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