Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1059 - Countless Physicians Arrival (10)

Chapter 1059: Countless Physicians Arrival (10)

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The dagger in her hands was aimed at Wu Xi’s heart and once the countdown ended, it would be immediately thrown.

Wu Xi’s expression changed and he ran out of the room in a flash, disappearing without a trance in only one second. After the bodyguard from the Wu Family saw their young master leaving, they followed suit, as they were afraid that the dagger in Yun Luofeng’s hands would be thrown towards them.

“Seems like an evil person needs to be dealt with evil methods.”

Nangong Yunyi smiled while shaking his head. “Regardless of whether in Huaxia or on this mainland, offending you equals provoking a devil!”

Indeed, an evil person required an evil person to counter them.

If you are kind, he’ll only bully you even more. However, if you are fiercer than the other party, he’ll be afraid of you.

“What did he mean earlier on by saying you’re an illegitimate child?” Yun Luofeng put away the dagger and asked. “Don’t tell me you’re so miserable to have ended up in an illegitimate child’s body?”

It’s no wonder this guy kept thinking about returning to Huaxia.

Nangong Yunyi was filled with helplessness. “The Head of this Nangong Family, who is my father here, was acquainted with my mother first. In addition, they had tasted the forbidden fruit. Originally, my father wanted to take my mother as his wife, but… the current wife of my father designed a scheme and tricked my father into getting involved with her after being drunk! Furthermore, she framed my mother as having an affair with another man…”

“My father believed her and left my mother! All these years, my mother had been living outside and passed away not long ago, before I was accepted back to the Nangong Family with the title of being an illegitimate child.”

Yun Luofeng’s fingers lightly tapped the table. At the moment when she raised her head, she inadvertently saw the hatred in his eyes. Clearly, after coming to this mainland, Nangong Yunyi already had a deep attachment to his mother, so he naturally hated the instigator!

“Do you want revenge?” Yun Luofeng looked at him and asked.

Nangong Yunyi nodded. “Yes, I want revenge! That man committed a huge mistake and even though he is nice to me right now, it can’t appease my hatred against him! However, before my mother passed away, it was his name that she constantly repeated! I wish to send him off to accompany my mother, but I know that if I kill this man she won’t be happy in the afterlife!”

“Furthermore…” Nangong Yunyi paused, “that man merely gave an apology for his lack of care towards me all these years and never displayed any guilt concerning my mother. He has also never visited her grave to offer a joss stick! Therefore, it’s impossible for me to forgive him.”

Clearly, even now, the Head of the Nangong Family still believed that Nangong Yunyi’s mother had an affair with another man. Therefore, he was unwilling to associate with her even now.

“Nangong, I’ll help you.”

Yun Luofeng lightly held his hand. “I’ll let the woman that framed you and your mother pay the price!”

Nangong Yunyi was not merely her past life’s close friend, but also the only friend who understood her past in this world! As such, she would never let anyone harm him.

“Forget it,” Nangong Yunyi shook his head, “The Nangong Family’s influence is extremely strong. Even now I’m not their opponent and I don’t want to implicate you! However, in another few years time, just a few years, I’ll definitely reach the pinnacle in the Family and avenge her!”

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