Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1057 - Countless Physicians Arrival (8)

Chapter 1057: Countless Physicians Arrival (8)

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With the relationship of enduring hardships together in their past lives, they could recognize each other in a glance among a vast sea of people.

“Oh right, can you explain to me what’s going on here?”

After hearing his words, Yun Luofeng subconsciously turned towards Xiao Mo with her brows raised. She understood the matter of Nangong Yunyi transmigrating was certainly related to Xiao Mo.

However, the Medical God Code was of utmost importance to her and even if she trusted Nangong Yunyi, she would never tell him about this.

Thinking of this, Yun Luofeng was silent for a long time. “I’ve experienced the same situation as you and when I woke, I had already arrived here. As for what happened, I’m uncertain.”

Nangong Yunyi was somewhat dejected. “I guess it isn’t that easy to leave this godforsaken place.”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. “I don’t think there are any disadvantages being on this mainland. Since we’re here, we should get accustomed. What we should do now is to survive here!”

In the past, Yun Luofeng came to this mainland alone from Huaxia and now having met with Nangong Yunyi, she actually felt feelings of meeting a close friend after many years.

“Haha!” Nangong Yunyi heartily laughed, “The word that since we’re here, we should get accustomed is well said. I shall no longer have groundless fears! We only have to continue living here and one day we might return to Huaxia. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen you around here in the past, did you arrive here recently?”

Yun Luofeng sipped a mouth of tea. “That’s right, it’s my first time arriving in Endless City.”

“Then I will explain the various influences in Endless City.” Nangong Yunyi lazily leaned on the chair with his arms crossed while having an unruly smile. “There are three influential families in this City and as luck would have it, the Nangong Clan I’m in is one of them. If anyone bullies you, you can find me and I’ll bring men to avenge you. In any case, I am the young master of the Nangong Clan and I still possess such abilities!”

“However…” Nangong Yunyi paused for a moment before continuing, “Remember to detour if you meet people from that Physician Tower.”

Yun Luofeng who was originally tasting the tea nearly choked after hearing Nangong Yunyi’s words. She placed the teacup down and wiped the tea from her mouth while using an odd expression to look at Nangong Yunyi.

“Why do I have to detour if I meet them?”

Nangong Yunyi took a glance at her. “You arrived here late and aren’t aware of the recent happenings here. I heard that the Tower Master is a vicious and merciless female devil!”

Luckily Yun Luofeng wasn’t drinking right now or else she definitely would have spit it in his face.

She and Xiao Mo looked at each other and saw a stunned look in each other’s eyes.

“Female devil?” Yun Luofeng turned towards Nangong Yunyi and asked.

Nangong Yunyi nodded. “It’s rumored that the female devil is very strong that can be compared to a giant dragon. She is incomparably strong while looking extremely ugly. She has an odd temperament and if you were to accidentally offend her, run without delay. Otherwise, you will die in her hands before I’m able to save you.”

Yun Luofeng blinked her eyes while looking distracted.

Incomparably strong? Extremely ugly? When were these rumors spread around?

Nangong Yunyi clearly didn’t notice her puzzled look and continued speaking, “In addition, this female devil flattened the mountain peak yesterday where the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang was located, bringing destruction to them with a single breath. Of course, these are all rumors and I’m aware it has been exaggerated. However, being able to eliminate them sufficiently proved her strength.

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