Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1055 - Countless Physicians Arrival (6)

Chapter 1055: Countless Physicians Arrival (6)

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Nangong Yunyi shook his head and spoke.

The two beauties used a loathing expression to check out Yun Luofeng, clearly reproaching her for throwing Nangong Yunyi on the floor. However, since he hadn’t said anything, it wasn’t convenient for them to express their dissatisfaction.

A while later, the waiter brought the menu over while Yun Luofeng causally ordered a few dishes and passed it back to the waiter.

The two beauties seem to be accustomed to sitting on either side of Nangong Yunyi. The lady on the left wore a green robe and had a red decoration between her brows, seemingly extremely seductive.

She looked at Yun Luofeng while coquettishly smiling. “Miss Yun, where’s your husband? Why is he not together with you? I wonder if your husband found out that you had a meal with another man, what expression would he have?”

This lady in green robes had been doted on by Nangong Yunyi as she was very beautiful. As a result, she did not place Yun Luofeng in her sights.

So what if she was the young master’s friend? Could it be that the young master would punish her because of her few words?

Nangong Yunyi’s expression had already darkened while flames of fury surged forth from his eyes. His sharp eyes shot towards the lady in green garments like a knife.

However, she did not notice his gaze and continued. “Miss Yun, I am saying this for your own good as I was afraid you and your husband would have an argument, so I reminded you. After all, if it were up to me, I would never go out with another man after getting married.”

Her words were clearly spoken for Nangong Yunyi to hear.

First, she pointed out Yun Luofeng’s fickle mind and second, making it known that she was faithful and constant while telling him that Yun Luofeng wasn’t a good person.

How could a woman who was married but continued to seduce other men be good?

Hearing her words, Xiao Mo giggled. “Auntie, I’ll thank you in place of my mother for your good intentions. My father has always respected my mother and he would never object to anything my mother says. If my mother asks him to head east, he’ll never head west. You’ve slandered my mother as such, and I believe you’re jealous of her. After all, my father is a good husband both domestically and socially. In addition, he can beat his rivals while defending his virtue! With an exceptional man like my father, do you think my mother would be seduced by a womanizer?”

In Xiao Mo’s heart, Yun Xiao was unrivaled and no one could be compared to him in this world!

“You…” The lady in green was so angered that her whole face turned red, but before she had the chance to speak, she had been interrupted by Xiao Mo.

“Answering your previous question as to why my father isn’t here, it’s because if an exceptional man like him were to appear, what if he was bothered by a shameless woman like you? This wouldn’t be good as you’re so ugly and old that my father would never fancy you! Perhaps he might even be disgusted by you!”

The lady in green robes cried due to anger and she turned her head, looking at Nangong Yunyi while feeling wronged. “Young Master, this little child bullied me.”

“Bullied you?” Nangong Yunyi played the teacup in his hands and sneered, “Why do I feel you’re being aggressive towards a child. Is this how you were brought up?”

The lady in green was stupefied as she never expected that Nangong Yunyi who always indulged her would say such words.

Nangong Yunyi sarcastically smiled. His hands tightly held her chin while his voice was cold-hearted and ruthless.

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