Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1054 - Countless Physicians Arrival (5)

Chapter 1054: Countless Physicians Arrival (5)

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“Little Tree, you’ve done well,” Xiao Mo giggled and looked at the fat baby in his embrace. He lowered his voice and spoke. “Remember, your father is Yun Xiao and only he can approach your mother. You should poke other men who approach her in their rear!”

This tragic man never would’ve imagined his rear had been injured because of an unintentional action of his.

“Xiao Mo, help support him over to the restaurant to take a rest.”

Yun Luofeng’s cast her eyes at Xiao Mo as if thinking of something. Her pair of pitch-black eyes seemed to have seen through everything.

Xiao Mo pulled a lovable face, passing Little Tree in his embrace to Yun Luofeng before walking over to support the man’s staggering figure.

“Yun Luofeng, are these two your relatives?” The man looked at Xiao Mo and Little Tree while questioning in curiosity.

Xiao Mo straightened his chest, speaking boldly and confidently. “This child is my little brother called Yun Shu and my name is Yun Mo. We are both Yun Luofeng’s sons!”


Similar to lightning striking down, the man opened his mouth wide in shock and only recovered his senses after a long time.

Only after some time later did his distracted line of sight turned towards Yun Luofeng and cursed. “Sh*t! A few years without meeting and you’ve even had a child? Tell me, who’s the fearless man who married you?”

In his heart, it was neatly laid out that Yun Luofeng was a devil!

That year when they first met in Huaxia, her appearance caused him to be alarmed, so he had displayed his former temperament by going up to tease her.

After which…

He had been seriously beaten up, to the extent he was unable to stand for half a month!

From then on, Yun Luofeng’s reputation spread throughout the entire school, and no one had the nerve to provoke her. It was also because of this incident that they had gotten acquainted and they became friends who hung around together!

“Shen Mo, you’re quite talkative?” Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and her hands tightly clenched together so that her joints produced crisp cracking sounds.

That sound caused a cold sweat to drip from his handsome face as he embarrassingly laughed. “Right now, my name isn’t Shen Mo. It’s Nangong Yunyi. You better not call me the wrong name.”

“Xiao Mo, drag him inside.”

Yun Luofeng cast a meaningful glance towards Xiao Mo before entering the restaurant.

In understanding, Xiao Mo who was dragging the man increased his pace without caring about his wailing sounds.

In her previous incarnation, Yun Luofeng had picked up the God Code World in the early days so Xiao Mo had also been following aside Yun Luofeng for several years. Naturally, he also knew about Nangong Yunyi and Yun Luofeng’s relationship.

Even though he had fallen deeply in love with Huaxia Medical School’s faculty belle, he had never forgotten how this bastard struck up a conversation with his own Lord…

The previous him was unable to avenge his Lord so right now, he had to ruthlessly tease him!

Inside a cabin of the restaurant, it was luxurious and quiet.

Xiao Mo dragged Nangong Yunyi inside and forcefully threw him on the floor, causing him to be in so much pain that he wailed.

“Yun Luofeng, where did your son come from and why does he have such huge strength?”

“I picked him up.” Indeed, Xiao Mo was picked up by her.

The two beauties who Nangong Yunyi hugged in his arms also walked in. After seeing him on the floor, their faces went deathly pale due to shock. They hastily went to support him while questioning with concern, “Young Master, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, help me up so I can take a seat.”

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