Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1052 - Countless Physicians Arrival (3)

Chapter 1052: Countless Physicians Arrival (3)

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The primary objective of the Physician Tower establishment was to accept physicians from all around the world, so regardless of their skills they could become a member of the Tower! However, they were only allowed to linger around the first level. If they wanted to enter the second level, it was not as simple!

“Great Master, I’d like to join the Physician Tower.” The youth felt heartened and hastily spoke.

“Don’t be anxious, I have a bit more information to announce.” Qing Mu slightly smiled. “First, the Physician Tower won’t restrict anyone’s freedom and you’ll join us nominally while retaining your freedom. In addition, there’s no requirement for you to stay in the Tower at all times.”

“Second, the medical books on the first level can be freely browsed through, but on the second level, you’ll have to use medicinal ingredients in exchange for reading the books. Furthermore, the contents of the books are not allowed to be spread outside, and those found guilty will be punished as a rebel!”

Everyone expressed their comprehension in regards to Qing Mu’s words.

After all, the medical books in the Physician Tower were extremely precious and if they were to be spread around, it would be a huge loss!

“Today, I’ll only be bringing you around to tour the Physician Tower, and for interested parties, you can start registering at the Tower tomorrow! At the same time, I’ll be looking forward to everyone’s arrival in the Physician Tower.”

Qing Mu’s face maintained a smile all along while his voice was neither hot nor cold.

After he finished speaking, everyone’s heart became excited. Even those who weren’t physicians revealed emotional expressions. The reason was, with the existence of the Physician Tower, perhaps they would not have to be vexed if they fell ill.

“Everyone, if you wish to stay, you can continue touring around the first level. I still have some matters at hand so I shall not keep your company.” Qing Mu cupped his hands and turned to walk up the second level.

The originally rowdy crowd became even noisier after Qing Mu’s departure and sounds of discussion incessantly sounded on the first level.

“I wonder who could set out so many precious medical books?”

“I heard that the Tower Master of this Physician Tower is a young woman. Furthermore, she is as valiant as a tiger and used a foot to flatten the entire mountain peak.”

“A foot? What I heard was that she released a breath facing the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang and the entire group met their destruction.”

If Yun Luofeng could hear these discussions, she would understand why they were called rumors.

Using a foot to flatten the entire mountain peak?

Using a breath and blowing the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang into destruction?

The words were truly more and more ridiculous and her image within their hearts was no longer that of a human. Unfortunately, the instigator who caused the sensation had thrown responsibility for the Physician Tower onto Qing Mu while she and Xiao Mo were leisurely strolling outside.

“You finally dared to come out since Xiao Bai’s not present?” Yun Luofeng raised her brow, looked towards the youngster beside her, and spoke while smiling yet not smiling.

Xiao Mo pouted. “It’s because Little Tree wasn’t willing to stay inside the God Code World so I intended to bring him to enjoy the outside.”

This was the first time Little Tree had left the God Code World and he was curious about everything. He continuously waved his small hands while his melodious laughter echoed down entire streets.

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Suddenly Yun Luofeng paused and her eyes fixed on the back of someone not far away…

She felt that this back was somehow familiar as if she had seen it before somewhere.

That person also seemed to sense someone looking at him from behind. He slowly turned around while his view floated towards Yun Luofeng.

In that instant, they were both stunned…

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