Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1051 - Countless Physicians Arrival (2)

Chapter 1051: Countless Physicians Arrival (2)

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“Great Master, for what purpose are these medical books placed here?” a young man could not help but inquire.

Qing Mu turned and looked at him in surprise. “Aren’t you asking nonsense? The medical books placed here are naturally for everyone’s viewing. As long as you are a member of our Physician Tower, you have the right to peruse these medical books.”

The young man’s heart thumped and joy flashed through his eyes. “You mean, as long as we join the Physician Tower, these books can be casually read?”

Qing Mu nodded. “That’s right, anyone who joins can read the medical books. In addition, we’ve set up a sitting room and anyone who has any illness can come to the hall to be treated. Furthermore, you can select a physician at your will!”

In this mainland, physicians would not easily treat a patient. Even if they were to pay a huge amount, they might not be able to invite them. However, Qing Mu said that they had the option to choose the physician?

“However…” Qing Mu paused, “We do not accept money for treatment in the Physician Tower. What you can bring for the exchange of medical treatment can only be medicinal ingredients! The higher level of physician you select, the equivalent medicinal ingredient will be more expensive.

Every level of this medicinal tower wasn’t very spacious and so the tour of the first level was finished soon after that…

When they walked to the staircase, eager to continue looking through the tower, they had been stopped by Qing Mu’s voice before they took a step upstairs.

“Hold it!”

Everyone turned in succession, failing to understand the reason while looking at Qing Mu’s aged face.

“Great Master, we’ve finished touring the first level and we wish to tour the second level.

Qing Mu shook his head. “The second level is not open to the public.”


These people were shocked. Not open to the public? What does it mean?

“Apologies, we have a regulation in the Physician Tower. Only those who pass through the first level’s evaluation can enter the second level.” Qing Mu smiled. “Of course, all the medical books on the second level are definitely more precious compared to the first level. In addition, I can guarantee that you’ve never seen these medical books outside.”

“If you have any doubts, you can peruse the medical books on the first level. I believe the physicians present can determine if they are precious.”

Qing Mu’s eyes inspected his surroundings while containing a confident smile.

There was indeed no lack of physicians among them, so after hearing Qing Mu’s words they immediately proceeded towards the cupboards filled with medical books. They impatiently took out a book to flip through at high speed.

The more they looked, the more apprehensive they were. It was to the extent that some were so excited that their hands trembled incessantly while being unable to hold on to the book in their hands.

“This… is the method for treating acne? I had read through several antiquarian books to treat this illness for a patient but wasn’t able to find a solution. To think I would actually see the method of treatment here!”

“Hahaha, so it turns out, using a silver needle in this way can increase the effects. This is my first time hearing of this. Furthermore, I didn’t know that an ointment made from Tianshan snow lotus and Muehlewbeckia complera could be used to quickly remove a scar.”

“It’s a miracle, this book is a miracle! If the first level already has such miraculous books, then what about the second or third level?”

Reading the contents of the books, everyone’s eyes brightened as they turned towards Qing Mu. At this moment, even their breathing became urgent.

“Great Master, may I ask, how can we join the Physician Tower? Are we required to be evaluated?”

A faint smile curled up on Qing Mu’s face. “Even if you’re not a physician now, you can join the Physician Tower as long as you are interested in medical skills! However, if you want to enter the second level, you have to undergo an evaluation. Upon passing, you will be given a pass to enter the second level!”

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