Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1050 - Countless Physicians Arrival (1)

Chapter 1050: Countless Physicians Arrival (1)

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A flame ignited in the courtyard and extended throughout the entire mountain peak. Sounds of anguished wailing resounded from the flames, and it was heart-wrenching and horrifying.

“Let’s go.”

Yun Luofeng didn’t even spare a glance at those burning in the flames as she flung her sleeves and walked down the mountain pathway.

In a day’s time, news of the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang being decimated was made known in the entire Endless City. Naturally, there were some people who were happy and some who were worried.

Those common citizens were endlessly cheering as they had suffered plenty of hardships all these years. The Heaven Defying Bandit Gang had always committed any imaginable misdeed. Seeing a beautiful woman, they would forcibly take them away, and if anyone were to obstruct them from committing crimes, they would be chopped into pieces under their blades!

How many years had it been since they had been walking around everyday trembling with fear? They could finally be at ease, so how would that not be worth them cheering for?

Of course, in contrast to the civilians, a few thieves organizations with similar strength were worrying. They were unaware of who decimated the thieves organization or their objectives. As such, they were worried that after eliminating the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang, what if they continued looking for trouble with other influences?

However, very soon, a piece of news arrived in the West District.

Reportedly, the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang intruded into the Physician Tower and injured the bodyguards. As such, the Tower Master had decimated the organization out of rage. Because of that news, the unknown Physician Tower became a household name in a day’s time. Everyone was asking about the origins of this Physician Tower to actually have such powerful strength.

While everyone was puzzled about this, the Physician Tower suddenly announced some news.

“Tomorrow afternoon, the Physician Tower will be officially established and we are inviting all towering figures in the world to visit.”

At that instant, everyone who was curious about the Physician Tower couldn’t restrain themselves from gossiping and running around to spread the news, to the extent the entire Endless City was in a state of commotion.

The next day during midday, dazzling sunshine shone down and covered every inch of the West District.

At this moment, there were countless people sticking out their heads and looking around at the Physician Tower gates, while being in a constant discussion with those around them. Suddenly, the Physician Tower gates were opened and the moment sunlight shone into the tower, a pure white wall entered their eyes that was radiating a faint luster under the sun.

“Everyone, welcome to the Physician Tower.” Qing Mu faintly smiled and walked out of the gates while speaking. “Following this, I shall guide everyone to tour the first level of the Physician Tower.”

Everyone couldn’t suppress their curiosity and some had even cried out in enthusiasm.

“Bring us in with haste! I’d like to see what differences there are between this Physician Tower and other influences.”

Facing these disrespectful voices, Qing Mu didn’t get angry and instead, a smile curled up on his aged face. “Everyone, please follow me.” After speaking, he turned and walked into the Physician Tower.

The surroundings of the Physician Tower were installed with transparent medicinal cupboards while the medicinal ingredients were distinctly visible to everyone’s eyes. Although these medicinal ingredients were precious, they could still be purchased from the market. What made everyone shocked were the medicinal books placed beside the medicinal ingredients cupboard…

As everyone knew, medical skills were a physician’s life. Other than their own disciple, they would never pass on their skills to outsiders.

However, this Physician Tower had casually placed medical books all around?

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Qing Mu sensed everyone’s shock and faintly smiled. “Since these medicinal ingredients are placed here, then they can be taken out by anyone. However, one has to use a medicinal ingredient of equivalent value to exchange for it!”

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