Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1049 - Exploding With Arrogance and Domineerance (3)

Chapter 1049: Exploding With Arrogance and Domineerance (3)

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The entire courtyard was deadly silent!

The first leader held his chest while fresh blood incessantly flowed out from his mouth. His originally stern face became exceptionally pale with his eyes filled with disbelief.

Yun Luofeng closed into towards him, “I’ll give you an opportunity, hand over those who assaulted the Physician Tower today and perhaps… I’ll let you die with dignity.”

Physician Tower?

The first leader suddenly widened his eyes. This young lady was the Tower Master of that Physician Tower?

“Third brother!” All of a sudden, he furiously shouted. Turning towards the trembling third leader, he sternly said, “Didn’t you say that the Physician Tower’s strength was mediocre and can you explain to me what’s going on?”

The third leader’s body shook uncontrollably. “I… I’m not sure! If the Physician Tower truly had position and wealth, then they wouldn’t be established in the West District!”

Hearing his words, the first leader wanted to rain punches on him. Soon after, he turned towards Yun Luofeng while a ruthless glint streaked across his eyes.

“Miss, I know you’re powerful but I can see that you’re also a god-level high ranked cultivator and have yet to reach sage-level! In addition, because the method you’re cultivating is somewhat special, as a result I’m not your opponent!

The first leader’s voice paused and he spoke again with a sneer. “However, all three main families in this Endless City have sage-level cultivators. Do you think you can compare against them?”

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her brows, indicating for him to continue speaking.

The Endless City wasn’t Tianyun Kingdom’s territory in the past so it was not at all surprising for the three big families to have sage-level cultivators.

Looking at her with a beaming smile, the first leader’s tone gradually eased as he continued, “If you want to continue mingling in Endless City, you have to conceal your power! Otherwise, once your strength is known by those three families, they will definitely kill you for their self-interests!”

His words implied that if Yun Luofeng eliminated the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang, her glorious achievement would be made public and at that time when the three big families witnessed her talent and strength, they certainly wouldn’t allow her to continue living!

Yun Luofeng smiled.

Her smile was extremely gorgeous, and she embodied the words unparalleled beauty and talent.

“You mean for me to let you off?’

The first leader nodded. “That’s right! As long as you let us off, I’ll definitely be tight-lipped and won’t let others know of your talent!”

If the news of a youth breaking through to god-level cultivation were to be made public, how could those three big families not be scared and on edge? Therefore, they would definitely kill her before she matured!

“Your scheme is well thought out, but unfortunately, I have never deliberately concealed my power!”

A light wind brushed past and this young lady stood within this breeze, failing to show restraint and revealing her incomparable talents.

The first leader was anxious and just as he wanted to say something, he only saw her turning away with indifference, and a voice as light as a feather resounded in the entire courtyard.

“Huohuo, burn this Heaven Defying Bandit Gang’s nest, without leaving anyone alive!”

Her voice was cold and ruthless.

As long as she recalled the injuries to her corps, the killing intent in her heart became increasingly dense. Even if there were innocent people among them, she would never let them off!

Furthermore, this Heaven Defying Bandit Gang did much evil and she did not believe there would be any innocent people here. In accordance with their normal conduct, if she hadn’t returned in time, perhaps what would have welcomed her when she returned to the Physician Tower would be the corpses of all her people…

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