Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1048 - Exploding With Arrogance and Domineerance (2)

Chapter 1048: Exploding With Arrogance and Domineerance (2)
Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock

After speaking, his silhouette transformed into a green light and he rushed out of the room in an instant. The other two leaders did not dare to stay after witnessing his departure and they hastily followed.

Inside the courtyard, numerous men fell to the ground and wailed endlessly.

The troops they were facing were like killing gods, cold-hearted and ruthless as their arms were covered with blood. There seemed to only be a single word in their eyes, which was… kill!

A white-robed lady stood ahead of this troop and the sword in her hands was dyed red with fresh blood. The blood converged together into droplets of blood flowing along the edge of the blade.

At this moment, her expression was very calm, yet under her peaceful expression, it couldn’t conceal the killing intent she emitted.

“Who has such courage to cause trouble in my Heaven Defying Bandit Gang?”

Following an angry shout, a man in navy-robes stood in mid-air while his sharp sword-like gaze shot towards the white-robed lady. After he saw the courtyard filled with corpse, the fury in his eyes increased.

“Who are you and why did you intrude in my Heaven Defying Bandit Gang to kill?”

“Heaven Defying Bandit Gang?” The young lady faintly smiled, as her wicked smile revealed inexhaustible killing intent. “Just relying on this group of people and you dare to talk about defying heaven?

The man’s eyes darkened as he coldly spoke. “I’m unaware if I can defy the heavens, but I know that you’ll definitely die here today!”


After speaking, his body transformed into a long sword and rushed towards Yun Luofeng at high speed.

A hurricane wind arose from his surroundings and dust flew around everywhere. His aura was sharp, similar to a longsword cutting through the mud. Seemingly if this attack landed, the young lady on the ground would be skewered by him.

Witnessing their leader’s emergence, the members of the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang cheered and their gazes towards Yun Luofeng and others were filled with fury and hatred.

No one could intrude on the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang and no one can continue living after provoking them!

As long as their first leader took action, this young lady would be buried here no matter how strong she was!

The second and third leader also arrived and after witnessing the first leader taking action, they were at ease.


The first leader furiously shouted and his body had arrived before Yun Luofeng. There were only a few meters between them and with only a breath’s time, he would penetrate through her chest…

The cheering of the bandits became louder and the two other leaders had a complacent smile on their faces.

However, at this moment, a left hand obstructed his attack… and then he who was still charging was stopped by this hand.

The first leader’s body floated in the skies while astonishment was written across his face and his eyes contained a hint of disbelief

The cheers stopped…

The other two leader’s expressions also stiffened, and their faces seemed like they had encountered a ghost while they stared without blinking at the young lady who easily obstructed their first leader.


The first leader stared blankly at the young lady and his eyes were opened wide. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even complete an entire sentence.

“Not only are you unable to defy heavens, at the same time, you don’t have the strength to make me die here.”

Her brows lifted and were bewitching and filled with teasing. However, her voice revealed killing intent that caused one to tremble with fear.


The young lady’s wrist twisted in a flash and whirled his body around a few times in the air before suddenly throwing him on the ground.


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