Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047: Exploding With Arrogance and Domineerance
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“Many thanks.” Yun Luofeng thanked her and turned to walk towards the city gates.

The auntie shook her head while feeling regret. Just as she thought of leaving, the young lady’s surreal voice suddenly sounded.

“Boil Angelica, Fructus Rosae Laevigatae, Lily, and dried Phthiruspubis into a decoction. After continuously consuming it for half a month, the black spots on your waist will be cured.”

The auntie stared blankly in amazement and hastily turned back to look in the direction that young girl left.

How did this young lady know about the black spots on her waist?

Recalling the medicinal ingredients Yun Luofeng named, she hastily rushed towards the medicinal store…

This was basically her trying it as a last resort.

She had these black spots for several years and in addition, they would move on her body similar to ants every month. She had visited some common folk physicians but they had no cure! As for those renowned physicians… she did not have the financial capability to invite them.

Outside the Endless City.

Above a tall and erect mountain reaching through the clouds, it was extremely quiet to the extent that only their footsteps could be heard.

“This should be the mountain peak that the auntie mentioned,” Ye Ling’s eyes gradually turned cold. “My lord, if my guess isn’t wrong, we can locate the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang if we continue heading up.”

Yun Luofeng nodded and a trace of a chilly glint flashed through her eyes.

“When you meet people from the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang, kill them without mercy!”

“Yes, my lord!”

Everyone’s eyes brightened and they spoke extremely deferentially.

Currently, in the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang, three leaders were gathered together with beauties in their arms as they drank and chatted merrily.

“Eldest brother, second brother, you’ve finally returned. A group of people came to the Western District in recent days and had even constructed a Physician Tower in that run-down location.” The third leader chugged down a mouthful of wine and laughed heartily, “It’s truly a joke to think they can win the support of all physicians by establishing a Physician Tower.”

The first leader raised his brows. “There’s such a thing?”

“That’s right!” The third leader laughed, “However, the bodyguards inside the Physician Tower seemed to be trained military personnel, and because of that, I’d like to take them in.”

Hearing his words, the first leader frowned. “Third brother, are you aware of their origins?”

Looking at the first leader’s cautious appearance, how could the third leader not be aware of what he was thinking? Immediately, he patted his shoulders to put him at ease.

“Big brother, you can rest assured. The Endless City is currently Tianyun Kingdom’s territory and there’s only one general there. He’s named Jian Chengwen and according to my knowledge, those people from the Western District address the Tower Master as Miss Yun while there’s no lady with the Yun surname in the General’s Estate.”

Miss Yun?

The first leader furrowed his brows increasingly tight. A trace of unease flashed across his heart but he wasn’t able to grasp anything. Therefore, he decided that he might as well stop thinking and raised his wine cup, draining it in one gulp.

“Third brother, Endless City hasn’t been peaceful these last few days and it’s better if you head there less often, to avoid provoking and offending others.”

The third leader smiled to disapprove. “Big brother, you can rest assured. I know who can be provoked and who cannot be! Furthermore, I believe those guards and maids in that Physician Tower will seek shelter with us sooner or later! What prospects are there in following that Physician Tower? Wouldn’t it be better to follow our Bandit Gang and dominate the world?”

As they were speaking, a bandit anxiously rushed in and staggered, almost falling on to the ground.

“Leaders, something bad happened. There’s a crazy group that broke in and there are countless dead and injured brothers!”


The first leader suddenly slapped the table and stood up while he angrily shouted, “Who has such nerve to intrude in our Heaven Defying Bandit Gang!?”

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