Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1046 - Yun Luofeng Came Back (2)

Chapter 1046: Yun Luofeng Came Back (2)

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Man struggled upwards; water flowed downwards. Who wouldn’t want to join a greater power? How could a small Medical Tower rival their bandit gang?

“Yan’er, help the injured brothers treat their wounds,” Ye Ling was a little tired. He leaned against the corner of the wall and closed his eyes, “I’ll go to the neighboring city to find Master Qing Mu.”

“Ye Ling, your wound… ”

“It doesn’t matter. We only have three days. I’ll come back by the deadline.”

Ye Ling opened his eyes, his clear eyes resolute. Master was not here, so they must try their best to protect the Medical Tower.


Qingyan nodded, “I’ll handle the matters here… Be careful on the way.” That being said, her eyes were full of worry.

Ye Ling pursed his thin lips, cover his injured shoulder with his hands, and staggered toward the door with some difficulty. Before his feet stepped out of the threshold, a figure suddenly appeared before him, and a familiar voice rang out.

“What happened when I was away?

Ye Ling was stunned by the girl’s languid voice. He raised his head mechanically and stared in a trance at the girl who was standing at the door.

Under the sun, the white-clad girl looked stunningly beautiful.

Her unruly dark eyes were not as calm as usual, and a fierce storm was brewing in them.

“Master…” Ye Ling choked back sobs, “you’re finally back. Sorry, because we weren’t strong enough, the Medical Tower became such a mess.”

Not speaking, Yun Luofeng looked around the hall of the Medical Tower.

“Who can tell me what happened here?”

“Miss… ”

Feeling Yun Luofeng’s anger, Qingyan slightly trembled. “It…it was the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang who came to rob us. We didn’t agree to give them money, so they smashed in the Medical Tower.”

Yun Luofeng looked calm. Had it not been for those stormy eyes, no one might have perceived the seething anger within her.

“Qingyan, distribute these spiritual grasses to the wounded and let them take it!” A proud gleam flickered through her dark eyes, “Come with me after you recover.”

“Where are we going, Miss?” Qingyan blinked and looked at her doubtfully.

Yun Luofeng paused, her eyes even sharper.

“Bring your weapons. Let’s wipe out the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang!”

Her words excited everyone and they straightened their waists.

Your Heaven Defying Bandit Gang wanted to bully us? Now Our Master has come back. Let’s see who will bully who!

The West District.

Because the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang appeared here, all the inhabitants shut their doors and hid inside. It wasn’t until the bandit gang left that they walked outdoors in twos and threes.

Just then, an aunt among them was stopped by someone. She looked at the girl standing in front of her and recognized that she was the Master of the Medical Tower.

“Do you know where the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang is?” the girl asked lazily.

The aunt paused and tried to persuade her, “Girl, you’d better not provoke the bandit gang. Those people are not only powerful but also murderous.”

“Just tell me where they are.” Yun Luofeng continued, frowning.

The aunt sighed helplessly, “They are in the mountains outside the Endless City. It’s not far from here, only half an hour’s walk!”


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