Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1045 - Yun Luofeng Came Back (1)

Chapter 1045: Yun Luofeng Came Back (1)

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The man called Third Master stepped forward and thrust the saber in his hand into the ground with a thud. His ferocious stare swept across the faces of the corps members and he growled, “In this district, who dares to despise our Heaven Defying Bandit Gang?”

Qingyan was furious, but just when she was about to rush forward, Ye Ling raised his hand and stopped her.

He shook his head at Qingyan and turned his eye to the man, “We won’t give you a penny!”

Third Master laughed, “I’ll see whether you still have the courage to say this then! Come on, beat them! Don’t stop until they surrender.”

Ye Ling’s eyes turned cold and he expressionlessly looked at the laughing Third Master, his face solemn.

These people were not low-level bandits that they could easily chase away, especially this Third Master, who was a god-level spirit cultivator…

“How dare these bandits be so lawless? Let’s fight it out with them!”

The members of the two Corps were so angry that they pounced at them without waiting for Ye Ling’s order.

They would rather die standing than bow to these bandits!

A battle was on the verge of breaking out!

However, the bandits of the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang were not weak, while the corps members just cultivated for several years. How could they rival these bandits? Soon the bandits got the upper hand of them.

Even so, no one took a step back!

Their courage mounted as the battle progressed. No matter how deep their wounds were, and how badly they were injured, they still kept their feet firmly rooted to the ground and bit the bullet.

That was because behind them there was something they had sworn to protect!

Third Master squinted. He saw something called military spirit from them. These people were like well-trained soldiers who would rather die in battle than abandon their comrades and flee! Perhaps, for them, death was a glory.

They were not afraid of pain or fatigue. They were like steel, with indestructible power!

And this was what the Steel Corps and the Raging Flame Corps were like!

“Wait!” Third Master raised his hand and said slowly.

Hearing his order, the bandit gang immediately stopped and stood behind him in unison.

“I’ll give you three days,” said Third Master, looking at them condescendingly, “In three days, you can make a choice between giving me a million taels of silver and… pledging allegiance to me!”

If these people could become his men, his power would surely extend by several times.


A man whose face was stained with blood spat to the ground and sneered, “You want us to surrender to you? In your dreams! Let me tell you, we will not give you a penny, nor will we surrender to you!”

Third Master’s eyes turned icy and he continued, “Don’t rush into a decision. I’ll give you three days to think about it. Rather than be stuck in this place, it is better to join a more powerful force! I don’t think you’ll have any future in this little Medical Tower! Is your Master as powerful as our boss?”

No wonder Third Master was so confident. After all, their boss was a god-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator, and he had heard that the owner of the Medical Tower was a young woman.

He would never believe that a woman could be as powerful as their boss!

“Let’s go!

With this parting shot, Third Master walked outside. With a confident look, he seemed to be sure that these people would eventually become his men.


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