Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1044 - Protection Money?

Chapter 1044: Protection Money?

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If the bandit hadn’t reacted fast enough, his entire arm might have been cut off…

“B*tch! Don’t you dare attack me! Go to hell!”

A ferocious gleam flickered across his eyes, and his hand fiercely struck at Zhong Ling’er, who deftly moved aside and dodged his attack.

Seeing they were already in a fight, the other bandits and the other members of the two Corps dashed at each other and fought together. Lording it over this district, these bandits were not weak. And of course, after Yun Luofeng’s training, the members of the two Corps also had extraordinary strength.

So, in this battle, neither side was able to win. After a long fight, the chief bandit raised his hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”

As a parting shot, he said before he left, “You just wait. I’ll go call my pals. And you’ll be so dead when I come back!” Then he left without looking back.

Looking at the mess inside the Medical Tower, Qingyan looked a little sad. “We were finally going to finish building the Medical Tower. No one expected that this would happen. Without Miss here, we can’t even guard the Medical Tower. I feel I’m so useless.”

Ye Ling walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder, trying to comfort her, “You’ve tried your best, so you don’t have to blame yourself.”

Nevertheless, sadness still appeared in Qingyan’s clear eyes.

After those bandits left, the residents of the West District timidly came out of the corners where they had hidden and tried to persuade her, “Girl, you’d better just give them the money to avoid disaster.”

“Aunt, thank you for your kindness, but we’re not going to yield to these bandits.” Zhong Ling’er took a look at the aunt, and her bright eyes sparkled with a resolute light.

“Girl, I know you’re powerful, but those bandits are only a small gang. They noticed the strength of the two elders, so they didn’t come here until they were away.”

The two elders this aunt was talking about were Qing Mu and Ge Yang.

“But…” she paused, looked carefully out of the door, and lowered her voice, “above these small gangs, there’s a big bandit gang called the Heaven Defying Bandit Gang! This bandit gang has three leaders, all of whom are god-level spirit cultivators! Especially the boss of the bandit gang is already a god-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator!”

God-level spirit cultivator?

The hearts of the members of the two Corps dropped.

“The bandit gang is in the mountains not far away from here, and it only takes half an hour back and forth. You’d better think about how to deal with them. I’m leaving.” Saying this, the aunt hurriedly went out in case she would be implicated in it.

Qingyan clenched her fists and for the first time, she felt so powerless.

“Commander,” Zhong Ling’er looked at Qingyan, her tone resolute, “Master will be back soon. We must protect the Medical Tower before she comes back!”


However, as soon as Zhong Ling’er said these, the door of the Medical Tower was suddenly kicked open. An angry voice rang outside and resounded throughout the Medical Tower.

“Who bullied my men just now? Get out! Your death will be swift!”

Then a middle-aged man, leading a group of people, swaggered in, followed by the chief bandit who had escaped just now.

“Third Master, it’s them! When they came to the West District, they didn’t pay us but beat us! I only asked them to pay one million taels of silver, and I told them that this money would be presented to you. After they paid this money, you would protect them! But they refused my offer because they despised you!”

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