Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1043 - Spirit Gathering and Transferring Matrix

Chapter 1043: Spirit Gathering and Transferring Matrix

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“This place is easy to find. Maybe someone came here and accidentally initiated the matrix. I’m afraid that if the nine-winged heavenly dragon absorbs enough spiritual energy, it might wake up soon.”

That was what Yun Luofeng worried about. After all, the Endless City was her fief, and she would not let the nine-winged heavenly dragon ruin it.

“Master, do you have any way to break the spirit gathering matrix?”

“Break it?” Yun Luofeng grinned. “Why should I? I remember Jue Qian’s book recorded a way in which a spirit gathering matrix can be changed to have a retrograde action. The spirit gathering matrix absorbed the spiritual energies outside and transferred them into the body of the nine-winged heavenly dragon. But now I can reverse it, making the matrix transfer the spiritual energies from its body to the land outside.”

She paused and continued, “Then the members of the two Corps can improve their cultivation speed, and it’ll also be easier for me to defeat the nine-winged dragon in the future!”

If the spiritual energies in the nine-winged heavenly dragon’s body were drained, its strength would decline. At that time, she would have a greater chance of defeating it.

Xiao Mo’s eyes lit up, “Great! Let’s do it!”

This matrix was not as changeable as other ones. Especially as it had existed for tens of thousands of years! So it was half a month later when Yun Luofeng found the core of the matrix and made it reverse! Staying in the cave for half a month, she was unaware of what had happened outside…

The West District.

The Medical Tower was towering on the vast land like a landmark.

At the moment, inside the Medical Tower, Ye Ling coldly stared at a group of bandit-like people and said expressionlessly, “Get out if you didn’t come to join the Medical Tower!”

The leader of these bandits was a rough man with a big knife on his back. He walked up to Ye Ling and gave a sneer, “Brat, cut this sh*t! The West District is my territory. You have to pay me if you want to build some ‘Medical Tower’ here. Give me one million taels of silver, no more, no less. Otherwise get out of here!”

Unlike other districts of the city, in the West District, good and bad people were jumbled together and bandits ran amok.

In the bandits’ mind, if these people were powerful, they would not have chosen the West District to settle. People who came here couldn’t be anything but the underclass!

“Get out!” Ye Ling moved his thin lips and coldly spat out two words.

At the same time, the members of the two Corps all pulled out their swords and glared at them.

The Medical Tower was managed by Qing Mu and Ge Yang, and they were training on that land as ordered by Yun Luofeng, but this morning, Qing Mu and Ge Yang went to the neighboring city to attend to something urgent, and then these people came here to make trouble.

Seeing this, the workers they hired rushed to the South District and told the members of the two Corps about it. That was why they didn’t stay put, waiting for Yun Luofeng!

“Phew? How dare you say this to me?! No one in the West District has ever dared to talk to me like this! Guards, come on, smash this Medical Tower. I’d like to see how long they can hold out.”

The rough man shouted, ferociously glared at Ye Ling and other members of the two Corps and sneered.

“Brothers and sisters, Master is not here, so we must protect the Medical Tower. Let’s fight to the last drop of our blood!” Zhong Ling’er pulled out her long sword and pounced on the bandits. The sword glinted and left a bloody wound on a bandit’s arm.


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