Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1040 - Who Swindled Who? (4)

Chapter 1040: Who Swindled Who? (4)

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On this continent, spirit energy was the most important thing.

Whether it was human, spirit beast or medicinal herb, all of them lived on spirit energy. But the spirit energy on this continent was now too thin to form spirit medicine, which was why Yun Luofeng’s spirit medicine was so powerful.

“Master,” Xiao Mo clenched his teeth and said with a quaking voice, “if spirit energy is dense enough it will form a fog, but generally speaking, a spirit fog is green. But this fog has turned black, which means that the spirit energy here is toxic!”

If it were someone else, they would rush forward unguarded, and probably end up dying of poison.

“If you want to go through this black fog, you have to hold your breath. If you accidentally inhale any of it, run forward as fast as you can.”

“I see.”

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the black fog and withdrew her aura. She held her breath and even the pores of her body were closed at this moment…

Then she walked carefully toward the dark fog.

It was a blur in the black fog. She couldn’t see anything and could only feel her way. Not knowing how long she had been walking, she suddenly saw a light in front. She finally walked out of the fog.

As for spirit cultivator, no matter how dark it was, they would be able to see everything around them.

Of course, except in the black fog!

As soon as Yun Luofeng walked out of the fog, she found a lot of bones on the ground, but the treasures carried by the dead were well preserved, without any damage.

“Master, we’re rich now!” Xiao Mo’s voice sounded excited, not terrified as before. “These people must have been strong masters who came here for an expedition many years ago. The treasures they carried are priceless! Look, the bead at your feet is a legendary Spirit Bead. If you can make it your own by refining it, your strength will be improved by a lot!”

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng bent down and picked up the green bead containing a great spirit energy.

“Such a treasure cannot be wasted,” Yun Luofeng said righteously, “But I remember the land was normal when the Wu Family bought it! It didn’t change until not long ago. But as we can see, this cave has existed for a long time, at least for tens of thousands of years!”

Xiao Mo quieted down, and after quite a while, he said, “The last owner of the Spirit Bead was a strong master who lived tens of thousands of years ago, but then he went missing. I didn’t expect that we would meet him and his Spirit Bead here!”

Unfortunately, such a powerful figure had turned into a pile of bones.

“Xiao Mo, since we are taking these people’s belongings, we should bury them and leave them in peace.”

That was the last thing she could do for them, as payment for taking their belongings!


After Xiao Mo said this, he suddenly appeared before Yun Luofeng.

And he was holding a chubby baby, who giggled and tried to hug Yun Luofeng as soon as he saw her.

“Xiao Mo, why did you come out?”

Xiao Mo blinked and gave her a bright smile, “Master, we are one. No matter how dangerous it is, I will always be with you. Besides, Little Tree might be able to help us in such a dangerous situation.”

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