Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1036 - An Old Friend (4)

Chapter 1036: An Old Friend (4)

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The poison in the cyan phoenix was quite rare, so she wanted to take her back for research. With luck, she might be able to cure her. With this cyan phoenix’s physique, if cured, she would be perfect for testing poison.

After all, she was really different since she could hold on for so long after being poisoned. However, if the cyan phoenix died, no one could blame her. She would just tell people that she was so severely injured that even the physicians of the Nangong Family couldn’t cure her.

As for why she didn’t use human to test poisons…

That was because human beings were not as strong as spirit beasts. Her poisons were so strong that a human would fall down dead as soon as they took any of them!

Putting his hands behind his head, the man raised the corners of his lips and said languidly, “Nangong Lan, I don’t have any interest in the Nangong Family and I have no intention to contend with you for anything. If you want to be the heiress of the Nangong Family, you can just strive for it. I just want to live a happy carefree life, so leave me alone.”

Hearing this, Nangong Lan gave him a suspicious glance.

Was this guy really not interested in inheriting the Nangong Family?

“I hope you mean what you say. If I find out that you are coveting the Nangong Family, I will not let you go!” Nangong Lan flicked her sleeves and left.

After Nangong Lan left, the man could’nt help but loudly shout, his voice resounding throughout the courtyard.

“Do you think that everyone is like you dreaming to be the Master of the Nangong Family? I lived happily in Huaxia. I don’t know why I was suddenly transmigrated to this place, and have to suffer this life!”

“It’s all Yun Luofeng’s fault. If it weren’t for her, the lab would not have exploded, and I wouldn’t be transmigrated here in order to save her. Was she killed by that explosion?”

Comparing the good old days in Huaxia and the hard life now, he suddenly had an impulse to cry though he was a man.

“Yun Luofeng, if I see you again, I will definitely ask you for compensation. It’s you who put me in this situation!”

The maids looked at each other in surprise, wondering what the young master was talking about.

Where was Huaxia? And who was Yun Luofeng?

However, the man, who looked rather dispirited, was not in the mood to explain to them. Although he was a young master of a powerful family now, he was living a terrible life…

At the moment, Yun Luofeng, who was being complained about by the man, seemed totally unaware of the situation in the Nangong Family.

After healing the cyan phoenix, she returned to the West District.

Qing Mu bought a house in the West District, so Yun Luofeng directly went there.

However, as soon as she stepped in, she heard that Qing Mu was talking with someone. She pondered for a while and told Lin Ruobai to take the cyan phoenix to the backyard and wait for her.

In the hall, Qing Mu sat opposite a middle-aged man, but he looked sullen. After seeing Yun Luofeng enter, he quickly stood up.

“Miss Yun, you’ve come back?”

Yun Luofeng nodded and glanced at the middle-aged man, “Qing Mu, this is…?”

Qing Mu’ s face darkened, “He is the Master of the Wu Family. He came here to sell a plot of land in the South District that he owns to us. But as far as I know, that land has some problem and any kind of medicinal herbs will wither if planted on it.”

He meant that the Master of the Wu Family came here to swindle them.

He was just trying to swindle them by selling them a wasteland where no medicinal herb could be planted!

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