Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1035 - An Old Friend (3)

Chapter 1035: An Old Friend (3)

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The girl stood still, her snow-white robe fluttering in the breeze.

She was surrounded by moving vines, on which a group of men similar to guards was struggling, groaning, and even swearing. Listening to their voices, the girl gave a wicked smile.

Seeing the girl approaching her, Nangong Lan quickly pulled out her long sword. She was a sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator. How would she be afraid of this woman?

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you’ve seen, I’ve tolerated this woman over and over again, but she just keeps pushing me. If she thinks that she can bully me, that would be a big mistake. I’m good-natured, but it doesn’t mean I will allow anyone to bully me!”

Nangong Lan said this righteously as if she were forced to protect herself.


Just when Yun Luofeng took one more step forward, Nangong Lan attacked first. Wielding the silver sword shining with an icy glint, she hacked straight at Yun Luofeng’s chest.

Yun Luofeng raised her hand, grabbed her sword, and took it away.

And then…

Under her stunned stare, Yun Luofeng grabbed her right hand and gave a violent twist…

With a snap, Nangong Lan’s right hand softly hung down, and the crowd all gasped. None of them expected that Yun Luofeng really had the guts to break Nangong Lan’s hand in public!

“Don’t you dare lay a hand on my disciple! Get out of here!”

As the girl cried out, the vines surrounding her soon receded into the ground, and those tied onto them fell down hard to the ground.

Nangong Lan’s face turned purple. She held her wrist, trying not to scream from the pain.

“Let’s go!” She looked a final look at Yun Luofeng and quickly left, followed by the guards and maids of the Nangong Family.

The Nangong Family.

A man was flirting with some maids. Seeing Nangong Lan come in with a black face, he whistled and said flirtatiously, “Isn’t this our little princess? What’s up? Who dared to bully you?”

Nangong Lan stopped and frowned, and a gleam of disgust flickered across her eyes.

This b*stard was really an eyesore to her. Had it not been for her father, she would have had him driven out.

“It’s none of your business!

The man smiled and walked up to Nangong Lan. “Nangong Lan, everyone thinks you are a good girl, but I know what kind of person you really are. Everyone says you treat spirit beasts like family members, but I know you just use them to test poison. You’ve killed countless spirit beasts!”

Hearing the man’s words, Nangong Lan’s face greatly changed. She turned to the man and shouted angrily, “Nonsense!”

“Nonsense?” The man sneered, “As far as I know, you buy some strong spirit beasts every other month, but in the end, all of them disappeared. If what I said is nonsense, tell me where they are!”

Nangong Lan clenched her fists and cast a threatening glance at his handsome face. “Watch your tongue, or else I’ll make you regret living in this world!”

The first moment she saw the cyan phoenix, she was attracted not by her appearance, but by her illness.

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