Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1032 - A Dispute over a Spirit Beast (4)

Chapter 1032: A Dispute over a Spirit Beast (4)

Translator: Iris8197 Editor: Rock

“Please stop arguing. I have a suggestion for you.”

The shop owner finally spoke and he smiled, “Why not let the spirit beast choose for herself? Whoever she wants to go with can own her.”

In the cage, the spirit beast seemed to understand the shop owner’s words and ran her icy eyes over Yun Luofeng and Nangong Lan. Suddenly, a voice came through her soul and exploded in her mind, and she couldn’t help but freeze.

“Cyan phoenix, go with me. I will not only heal your wound but also give you the power to avenge yourself. Whoever hurt you, you’ll be able to pay them back ten times harder!”

The cyan phoenix trembled and looked up at Yun Luofeng only to see a pair of smiling eyes. At this moment, she felt a strong oppression power coming from the girl. The power didn’t come from the girl herself but from her soul.

The cyan phoenix rolled her eyes. This girl must have contracted with a mighty spirit beast!


That aura didn’t belong to a spirit beast…

After all, the aura she felt from the girl was not as wild as a spirit beast’s, but more like a vigorous tree’s.

Nangong Lan didn’t notice the change of the cyan phoenix. Smiling, she walked up to her and bent down, her hand reaching through the cage and trying to stroke the head of the cyan phoenix.

The cyan phoenix moved to the side and dodged Nangong Lan’s touch, her eyes filled with disgust.

For some reason, she didn’t like the smell of the woman…

Different from human beings who would judge a person by his appearance, spirit beasts relied on their smell! No matter how well-disguised a man was, he could conceal nothing from the eyes of a spirit beast and no disguise could escape their nose.

Nangong Lan’s fingers paused, but she still smiled as if she didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

“You are seriously injured and I can cure you. So, would you like to go with me? Don’t worry. I will take care of you and treat you as a family member. You’ll never be hurt again.”

In the eyes of the public, Nangong Lan was gentle, generous and kind-hearted. Everyone took spirit beast as a tool, but only she said she would treat a spirit beast as her family member. Hearing her sincere words, the crowd believed that the spirit beast would surely be moved by her. After all, she would be doomed to a tragic end if she fell into the hands of others. How could she reject Nangong Lan’s kindness?

“Come on, go with me.”

Nangong Lan’s voice was quite tempting, and no one could resist it.

However, looking at her smiling face, the cyan phoenix remained cold and unmoved as ever, showing no other expression.

“Miss Nangong, I will open the cage now. Whoever she chooses will be her future Master.”

The shop owner slowly walked up and opened the cage with the key. He dared to do so because the cyan phoenix was seriously injured and could hardly walk, not to mention flying.

Then the cyan phoenix staggered out of the cage, as if she had exhausted all her strength in doing so.

With a confident smile, Nangong Lan believed that this spirit beast would surely choose her.

On the other side, Lin Ruobai looked nervous and she threw a worried look at the cyan phoenix.

Feeling her anxiety, Yun Luofeng gently patted her on the shoulder, “Since I promised you I’d get this spirit beast for you, I’ll surely get her for you.”


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