Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1028 - Fief (5)

Chapter 1028: Fief (5)

She didn’t tell him the real reason!

As soon as she entered the West District, she found that the spiritual energy of the West District was perfect for cultivating medicinal herbs. Even if it couldn’t turn ordinary medicinal herbs into spiritual ones, their quality would be several times better than ordinary ones!

The medicinal fields in the God Code Space were limited in number. If medicinal herbs could absorb the spiritual energy in the West District first, she would be able to yield twice the spiritual medicine with half the effort.

That was why she chose to settle in the West District!

To Yun Luofeng’s surprise, the residents of the Endless City hadn’t found the spiritual energy in the West District after spending so many years here! Of course, she wouldn’t have found out about it if she wasn’t perceptive enough.

Yun Luofeng gazed at Qing Mu and solemnly ordered, “Qing Mu, I’ll give you three months and during this period, I want you to lead some people to build the Medical Tower.”

Qing Mu smiled. “I just checked around. Though the residents of the West District are not martially strong, they are physically strong. If they can help us, we’ll be able to build the Medical Tower soon.”

These people were poor. If they paid them a good price, they would not refuse it!

“Okay, it’s up to you,” Yun Luofeng said, clasping her hands behind her back. “Xiaobai, let’s walk around the Endless City and get familiar with the environment.”

Lin Ruobai’s eyes lit up and she responded with a smile. “Yes, Master.”

Yun Luofeng’s eyes slightly darkened and she couldn’t help but touch her right wrist. The backlash of the forced breakthrough hadn’t been eliminated even now. Was she really going to lose her right arm?

No! She would never let that happen!

Besides developing her power, this time she came here for another important thing. That was to heal her right hand by all means!

The East District.

In a luxurious mansion, a middle-aged man slowly put down the teacup in his hand and squinted at the guard standing in front of him.

“Is it true that a stranger bought the West District?”

The guard respectfully answered, “Yes, Master, that stranger did buy a large piece of the West District, and I think they seem to have a lot of money.”

“Haha,” the middle-aged man smile with contempt, “Are they stupid? The Endless City has so many good lands, but those fools just chose the desolate, dilapidated West District. Do they have money to burn? Go collect their information and report it to me.”

“Yes, Master.” The guard made an obeisance and retreated respectfully.

Hearing his words, a young woman who was standing beside the middle-aged man frowned, and a light flicked across her beautiful eyes. “Father, are you going to cheat those people out of their money?”

“This just serves those stupid people right!” The middle-aged man sneered, “Actually, I’m doing them a favor by taking their money away, or else they might be killed by someone who wants their money!”

“Father, what’s your plan?”

The middle-aged man slightly narrowed his eyes and a sly light flashed through his eyes.

“Our Wu Family has land in the South District that seems to have some problem. No matter what medicinal herb I plant on it, that herb will soon wither, so it’s a wasteland. We can sell that to her.”

Not expecting that his father wanted to sell a wasteland to those strangers, the young woman gave her father a surprised look. However, she was green with jealousy at the thought of the guard’s description of the leading woman. He said she was stunningly beautiful.

Her Father had done nothing wrong. How could that woman be more beautiful than her?!

So it was the fault of that woman…

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