Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1024 - Fief (1)

Chapter 1024: Fief (1)

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“It seems that you don’t know what happened,” Ge Yang smiled, “Miss Yun didn’t only win first place in the medical contest, but also in the martial contest and the beast taming contest.”

Ye Tian was shocked and then stupefied. All kinds of feelings welled up in his heart and a sense of pride arose in his mind.

Although Yun Luofeng was not his biological granddaughter-in-law, Jun Fengling was already his daughter-in-law, so Yun Luofeng could also be regarded as a member of the Ye Family. When she made great achievements, the Ye Family would also be honored.

“Servants, invite Young Master, Young Mistress, and Feng’er to come here.” Ye Tian hurriedly ordered when he came to his senses.

A servant took his order and left, and within a few minutes, Ye Jingchen, Jun Fengling, and Yun Luofeng came to the sight of Ge Yang and Qing Mu.

The girl in a snow-white robe looked stunningly beautiful. She glanced at the two old men with her slightly narrowed eyes and gave a faint smile.

“Why did you come here? Didn’t I tell you that you can just come to visit me the day I found the Medical Tower?”

Qing Mu laughed and stood up, “Miss Yun, we have submitted our resignations to His Majesty. Now we have no place to go. Could you please accept us as your subordinates?”

Not knowing what happened, Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen looked at each other in bewilderment.

Qing Mu and Ge Yang of the Tianhui Empire quit their official jobs and came to follow Feng’er?

What was going on here?

Noticing their bewilderment, Ye Tian explained with a faint smile, “Jun’er, Chen’er, maybe you don’t know that Feng’er won first place in the contests!”


First place?

Jun Fengling turned her eyes to Yun Luofeng and said in an excited tone, “Is this true? Did you really win first place?”

Although Jun Fengling didn’t care about Yun Luofeng’s achievements, how could she not be excited if her daughter-in-law could win the championship for the Tianyun Kingdom?

Under Jun Fengling’s stare, Yun Luofeng nodded. “I was looking for a chance to tell you about this. But I didn’t expect that Master Qing Mu and Master Ge Yang would come here.”

Listening to her words, Jun Fengling smiled happily, her eyes shining with joy.

“Feng’er, which contest did you win?”

Her daughter-in-law was not only highly skilled in medicine but also unparalleled in fighting, so she would ask this question.

Ye Tian looked at Yun Luofeng with a complicated look. “This girl won in all three contests!”

Needless to say, how glorious it was to win all three of the contests.

Therefore, after saying this, Ye Tian saw that Jun Fengling showed the same expression as he did when he first heard about this.

He was quite pleased to see that.

That everyone was frightened was way better than only him being frightened!

Ye Tian slightly raised the corners of his lips, with a look of pride on his face.

“Feng’er,” finally coming back to her senses, Jun Fengling gently held Yun Luofeng’s hand, and her beaming eyes were filled with pride, “I am so proud of you.”

She believed this news would cause a great uproar on the continent!

“Master Ye, is there someone of your family going to get married recently?” Ge Yang asked curiously as he looked at the red lanterns and streamers decorated in the house.

Ye Tian nodded slightly and smiled, “There will be the wedding ceremony of Feng’er ‘s second uncle in a few days. If you two are free, you could stay here for a few more days and attend the wedding banquet.”

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