Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1023 - Uninvited Guests

Chapter 1023: Uninvited Guests

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At that time, his foster parents would certainly get a big surprise!

“Mo’er, it doesn’t matter even though you lost. I don’t mind it. You must be tired from the journey. Take a good rest.”

Seeing that Ye Ximo was unwilling to tell them the results, Jun Fengling thought that they must have failed. She didn’t blame them but instead tried to comfort them with a gentle voice.

What mattered was always the process, not the result!

The return of Yun Luofeng and her teammates caused a great uproar in the Tianyun Kingdom. A lot of people came to visit them, and even the Imperial Palace had sent someone to visit them. However, anyone who wanted to ask about the results was stopped by Jun Fengling with a wink.

So everyone thought that Yun Luofeng failed in the contests!

The Emperor was a little disappointed, but he didn’t blame the Ye Family. After all, Yun Luofeng had done him a great favor by agreeing to participate in the contests on behalf of the Tianyun Kingdom. How could he blame her for not winning?

Besides, if it weren’t for her, the Empress wouldn’t have woken up!

The Emperor didn’t blame the Ye Family, but that didn’t mean that other people wouldn’t take the Ye Family as tabloid fodder. When the Tianyun Kingdom people were talking about the Ye Family, two uninvited guests visited the Ye Family…

In the hall.

Qing Mu leisurely sipped the tea in the teacup and gasped in admiration, “This tea is really good! I’ve never tasted such good tea. Gee, I want to stay in the Ye Family forever!”

“It’s really good tea,” said Ge Yang, smiling and glancing out of the hall. “I wonder when she’ll be back.”

Just then, an old man hurried in from the outside. When he saw the two old men sitting drinking tea, his face changed and he quickly went up to them.

“Master Qing Mu, Master Ge Yang, why did you come here?”

As the Master of the Ye Family, Ye Tian surely knew Qing Mu and Ge Yang. However, he was at a loss as to why the two old men came to the Ye Family. Was it because Yun Luofeng offended them in the Tianhui Empire?

“Well, We’re here to find Yun Luofeng.”

Ye Tian’s heart sank and he hurriedly said, “Masters, Feng’er is too young. If she offended you, I’ll apologize to you on behalf of her. I hope you can forgive her for she is still a young girl.”

“Offend? When did she offend us?” Qing Mu looked at him strangely. “We are here to fulfill our promise to follow her. Why should you apologize to us?”

Dumbfounded, Ye Tian was petrified on the spot.

Did Master Qing Mu just say that they were here to follow Feng’er? Did I hear it right?

“What… what’s going on here?” Ye Tian’s lips quivered, and what he heard was so beyond him that his mind went blank.

“Don’t you know what happened?” Qing Mu asked in surprise, “Have you heard of the Tianhui Empire’s Medicine Tower?”

Ye Tian nodded blankly, as he did know about the Medicine Tower.

“In the contest, to embarrass Miss Yun, Long Yuan initiated the appraisal formation of the Tianhui Empire’s Imperial Hospital. I only managed to reach the fifth floor of it, but Yun Luofeng climbed to the eighth floor at a superhuman rate and won the first place in the medical contest!”


Hearing his words, Ye Tian felt as if his brain exploded, and he was standing still, stupefied and speechless.

Yun Luofeng… won the first place in the medical contest?

Did I hear it right?


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