Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1022 - Be Fooled (2)

Chapter 1022: Be Fooled (2)

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His sensibleness was something that other young and aggressive talents lacked.

“By the way, how many physicians of the Imperial Hospital will go with you?” An Lan looked up at Ge Yang and asked curiously.

Ge Yang chuckled, “I’ll take all the other physicians away with me except the ones I don’t get along with.”

An Lan was surprised. “Will Long Yuan allow this?”

“Of course he won’t,” said Ge Yang with a mysterious smile, “So I asked him whether he wanted to expel everyone who was registered as my disciple. And just yesterday, I registered all those old men as my disciples!”

Long Yuan probably didn’t expect that Ge Yang would set such a big trap for him. Of course, a condition must be met for the trap to work, which was that… Ge Yang was forced to leave the Tianhui Empire!

So he asked An Lan for help, and An Lan pretended to be angry and took his men to force Long Yuan to compensate his loss. In the end, Long Yuan had to leave the Imperial Palace with Noble Consort Ling to escape from the trouble.

During this period, though the staff of the Imperial Palace found out that almost all the senior physicians of the Imperial Hospital were registered as Ge Yang’s disciples, they couldn’t find Long Yuan to report it, so they had to expel all those people out of the Imperial Palace.

When Long Yuan returned to the Tianhui Empire and found that there were only a few people left in the Imperial Hospital, he was so enraged that he wished he could tear the heavens apart.

Then he realized that he had been fooled!

Unfortunately, it was too late…

That day, Yun Luofeng rushed back to the Tianyun Kingdom after taking the prizes. She didn’t even say goodbye to Qing Mu because she knew that the day her Medical Tower was founded, Qing Mu would surely come!

The Tianyun Kingdom.

The Ye Residence.

Jun Fengling was conducting the servants and maids to decorate the houses, while Ye Jingchen was assisting them.

At this time, a voice mixed with joy and surprise was heard, “Master, Mistress, Miss Yun and Young Master Mo are back!

“Feng’er and Ximo are back?”

Glad to hear the news, Jun Fengling quickly walked to the door. With an excited look, she fixed her eyes on the girl who was getting off the horse…

“Feng’er, you’re finally back!” She smiled happily, her eyes shining with joy.

Yun Luofeng looked around the Ye Residence decorated with red cloth, and asked, “Mother, is someone going to get married in our family?”

Jun Fengling chuckled, “We wanted to hold a wedding for your second uncle and Miss Ning when you came back. Look, we’re decorating our house! The wedding can be held now that you have come back.”

All kinds of feelings welled up in Yun Luofeng’s heart. Ning Xin was impressed by the elegant demeanor of Second Uncle before she met him and then had a secret crush on him. Now her unrequited love was finally answered. She was really happy for her.

“Feng’er, Mo ‘er, what was the result of the contests?” Ye Jingchen came up to them with a smile, his voice kind and gentle.

Jun Fengling glared at him and sulked, “I just wanted the kids to come back safely. Why do you ask about the results? It won’t affect us whether they succeeded or failed.”

In her mind, nothing was more important than a family reunion.

Even if they lost the contests, so what?

She never cared about the results of the contests!

“Foster Mother,” Ye Ximo laughed and walked forward, “I won’t tell you the result of the contests now. It won’t be long before you know it!”

Numerous countries had participated in the contests, so it wouldn’t be long for the news to reach the Tianyun Kingdom.

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