Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1021 - Be Fooled (1)

Chapter 1021: Be Fooled (1)

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“Your Majesty, I’m in trouble. My disciple just injured the Wushuang Empire’s people.”

Long Yuan’s heart sank and he asked with a dark face, “What happened?”

Ge Yang looked very flustered. “My disciple had a dispute with the Wushuang Empire’s prince, so they tried to catch him. To protect my disciple, I… accidentally injured several players of the Wushuang Empire! What should I do now?”

Seeing Ge Yang’s unfeigned panic, Long Yuan felt his heart gradually sank to the bottom.

He had let Qing Mu go. Would he lose Ge Yang too? However, if he let him stay, he might encumber the Tianhui Empire…

“Ge Yang, since this is you and your disciple’s fault, you shall solve it yourself. I won’t interfere.”

“Your Majesty!” Ge Yang crawled forward on his knees and pleaded, “I’ve been serving the Tianhui Empire for so many years! How can you refuse to save me? I will never leave the Tianhui Empire, not until the day I die!”

Threatened by him, Long Yuan turned sullen, “Why should I deal with your mistakes? Guards, expel Ge Yang and his disciples out of the Imperial Palace. And he shall never step into the Imperial Palace for the rest of his life.

Ge Yang lowered his head, so no one could see his expression. Then he slowly got up from the ground, his voice trembling, “Your Majesty, do you mean that anyone registered as my disciple will be expelled from the Imperial Hospital?”


Long Yuan said impatiently, “The Wushuang Empire is so powerful that even our Tianhui Empire cannot resist it. Do you want to make me your scapegoat?”

In the Imperial Hospital, besides Qing Mu and Ge Yang, he still had many other excellent physicians, so he didn’t mind losing both of them.

Ge Yang kept his head down and said, “Since Your Majesty has decided to give me up, I have to leave now.”

He turned around, and the moment he walked out, a smile appeared on his slightly-raised face. He casually put his hands behind his back and strode away from the study.

As if feeling a sharp stare on him, Ge Yang quickly withdrew his high spirits and walked out like an outcast. As soon as he had left, he happily walked outside the Imperial Palace with his head held high and a smile on his face.

In an inn.

An Lan gently shook the teacup in his hands, a smile on the corners of his lips. He slightly raised his eyes, turned to the old man who pushed open the door, and said with a smile, “Master Ge Yang, did it work?”

“It worked.”

Ge Yang smiled and said, “But we can’t let Long Yuan find out the truth in case he regrets it. So I hope Your Highness can go to the Imperial Palace to ask Long Yuan to hand me in. Then he will not doubt it anymore.”

“Master Ge Yang, I know you and Master Qing Mu will follow Yun Luofeng after leaving the Tianhui Empire.” An Lan gave a faint smile, “So, in return for helping you, could you promise me one thing? If the Wushuang Empire is in danger in the future, I hope Master Ge Yang can help me persuade her to rescue us.”

Ge Yang paused and frowned, “Your Highness, I can do it, but it is not up to me whether Miss Yun agrees to rescue you or not. However, if Your Highness needs my help, I will go help you no matter how far away I am.”

“It’ll be enough to mention a few words in front of her. I won’t force it.”

An Lan was always a sensible person.

In the beginning, just like the Liuyue Empire, he didn’t want the Tianyun Kingdom to take the first place. But then he stopped in time and tried to repair the relationship between the two sides.

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