Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1019 - All the Beasts Bowed To Her

Chapter 1019: All the Beasts Bowed To Her

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“Miss Yun.”

Seeing Yun Luofeng, a young man excitedly ran to her and reached out his hand to hold her hand. However, his arm was suddenly seized by a large hand.

Ye Ximo grabbed his arm, raised his eyebrows and shouted coldly, “Stay away from my sister-in-law!”

The young man blushed and hurriedly explained, “Young Master Ye, you misunderstood me. Miss Yun is my idol. I was just too excited, so I did something improper.”

Saying these words, the young man turned to Yun Luofeng and continued, “Miss Yun, we have a completely new appraisal of the Tianyun Kingdom because of your performance in the previous two contests. So, I believe, in terms of beast taming, you are also a genius! By the way… I’m a physician. May I join the Tianyun Kingdom team and serve you?”

Looking at his eager face, Yun Luofeng slightly raised her lips and her eyes were shining with a wicked light. The slightest facial expression of hers was so charming that people couldn’t turn their eyes away from her face.

“If one day there is a power called the Medical Tower, I welcome you to join it.”

Saying this, Yun Luofeng slowly walked to the beast taming field. Her figure looked slender, and her hair was fluttering in the wind.

With shining eyes, the young man stared unblinkingly at the girl who walked away and murmured in a resolute voice, “My name is… Mo Yi! If one day there is really a power called the Medical Tower, I will definitely go join it no matter how far away I am!”

Yun Luofeng stopped and continued to walk onto the field without looking back.

A few of players had been waiting on the field, and when they saw the girl walking in, they all froze and unconsciously backed up a few steps.

Was this crazy woman also participating in the beast taming contest? Then they would have no hope of winning this time!

“Can we start now?” Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the referee and asked mildly.

Perhaps Long Yuan and Noble Consort Ling hadn’t recovered from the previous blow, so they didn’t show up here.

The referee paused, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said with a smile, “I will release the spirit beasts out of their cages soon. The rule is that the one who tames the most spirit beasts in ten minutes will be the champion.”

Saying this, the referee ordered the guards to open the cages. Soon, those spirit beasts that had finally regained their freedom rushed out of the cages like crazy and jumped toward the people on the field.

At this time, Yun Luofeng released a powerful aura. Looking from a distance, there was a red glow over her head in which there was the image of an eight-tailed fiery-red fox. Everyone was stunned at this scene.

Feeling the girl’s aura, all the spirit beasts stopped, looked at her in horror and fear and didn’t dare to approach her any further…

As the crowd wondered, these spirit beasts suddenly fell to their knees in unison and respectfully bowed to… Yun Luofeng!

The beasts would only bow to their king!

With her white robe fluttering in the wind and her hands cupped behind her back, she stood still among the beasts and watched them kneeling down to her.

She was like the queen of the world, watching her people groveling at her feet.

The whole pit quieted down.

Both the crowd and the players kept silent…

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