Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1018 - Let’s Go Watch Yun Luofeng Tame the Beasts

Chapter 1018: Let's Go Watch Yun Luofeng Tame the Beasts

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They won? The underdog won the game?

In particular, they had defeated four other countries?

Feeling Long Yuan’s rage, General Li hurriedly cleared his throat and said, “Now that the Tianyun Kingdom and the Fengyun Kingdom won, you two can start fighting and decide who will be the final winner.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at Yun Luofeng and said coolly, “I concede.”

Let alone others, even Yun Luofeng frowned and turned her eyes to Xiao Yuqing.

“Don’t forget that we had agreed to fight in the final. Don’t tell me you want to throw in the towel without fighting?!”

Xiao Yuqing nodded, “I have already won second place for the Fengyun Kingdom. I don’t owe them anything now. Besides, I don’t think I can defeat you.”

Not expecting such a situation, General Li froze. When he was going to say something, Long Yuan’s furious voice rang.

“You want to concede? I won’t allow it. You two have to fight!”

Since you two are old friends, then I must see you fight against each other! Only in this way can I vent my anger!

If it were someone else, he might fear the majesty of Long Yuan. Unfortunately, the person he met was Xiao Yuqing, who never yielded to anyone. So, not even looking at Long Yuan, Xiao Yuqing just led the Fengyun Kingdom players to leave the ring. Seeing his graceful bearing, many women present feel their hearts skip a beat.

“I’ve decided that I will stop loving Liu Chenyi and give my love to Xiao Yuqing. Did you see his behavior just now, so cool and manly?!”

“Compared with Xiao Yuqing, I admire Yun Luofeng more. Although I am a woman, I wouldn’t mind having an affair with her… ”

“I do think Xiao Yuqing and Yun Luofeng would make a good couple. However, Yun Luofeng already has a husband. Maybe this is an unrequited love. What a shame…”

The crowd was in an uproar.

But no one could deny that after these two contests, Yun Luofeng’s name would spread throughout the world!

“Let’s go back to rest,” Yun Luofeng said, stretching out lazily. “There’ll be one last contest tomorrow!”

She slightly narrowed her eyes and raised the corners of her lips. When tomorrow’s contest finished, she could finally go back home…

The next day.

Though it was dawn, the streets were quite bustling. Everyone was talking about these contests, and whenever they mentioned Yun Luofeng, their eyes were full of respect for her. At last, everyone was shouting a word and their voice spread throughout the streets, which was…

“Let’s go watch Yun Luofeng tame the beasts!”

And everyone was rushing towards the pit to occupy a good seat early so that they could watch Yun Luofeng’s performance! Therefore, when Yun Luofeng arrived at the pit, she was stunned at what came into her sight.

The whole pit was packed with people, and even the aisles were occupied. If the beast taming field below were not that dangerous, perhaps the audience would have rushed into it and possessed the beast cages.

“Dammit!” Ye Ximo couldn’t help but swear, “Why are there so many people today?”

For the medical or the martial contest there hadn’t been so many people like today. Perhaps all talented people of these countries and even the Tianhui emperor’s aristocrats and imperial family members had come here… to watch Yun Luofeng tame the beasts!


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