Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1017 - Final (4)

Chapter 1017: Final (4)

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The sound of a head exploding rang in the field and the man’s brain suddenly burst out and reddened the back of his head with blood.

“As I expected, a club is way handier than a knife or a sword,” Yun Luofeng smiled and cast a wicked glance at the crowd. Then she spoke to Xiao Yuqing behind her, “Come on, let’s see who’ll solve the opponents first.”

With that, she rushed into the crowd.

An eye for an eye was Yun Luofeng’s principle. The Tianhui Empire tried to kill her over and over again, so she had no mercy on them. But the Wushuang Empire people just wanted to defeat her, so she didn’t launch any deadly attacks against them…

After all, she wasn’t a blood-thirsty person. She only killed people who wanted to kill her!

Seeing the power of Yun Luofeng and Xiao Yuqing, Long Yuan, who was still sneering, suddenly froze and shivered.

“God-level spirit cultivator?” His eyes were filled with disbelief, “Both of them are god-level spirit cultivators? And Yun Luofeng is even a god-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator?”

Among the young talents of the six countries, only An Lan of the Wushuang Empire had become a god-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator.

Because of this, An Lan, a few years older than Yun Luofeng, was called a rare genius! If Yun Luofeng had such strength when she was still so young, who else could match her on this continent?

Long Yuan suddenly regretted what he had done to Yun Luofeng. If he had been aware of Yun Luofeng’s real strength, he would not have treated her like that! However, what had been done couldn’t be undone. No matter how he regretted it, he couldn’t change anything now.

“She is a god-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator?” Noble Consort Ling clenched her fists, and resentfully stared at Yun Luofeng, her nails deep into her palm, “This b*itch said she was a sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator when signing up. Why did she suddenly become a god-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator now? She must be deliberately hiding her strength!”

If I let this woman continue to grow up, she will threaten me one day!

The other people were also stunned at Yun Luofeng’s strength and stared at her in astonishment.

Seeing that An Lan could hardly resist her attacks, everyone looked dumbfounded, as if they were watching an ant beating an elephant!

This was simply unbelievable!

Under Yun Luofeng’s attack, the players of the Wushuang Empire were gradually routed and many of them had fallen down out of the ring, groaning on the ground…

Yun Luofeng suddenly stopped her attack and frowned. “I want to eliminate the Lanxiang Kingdom and the Tianhui Empire much more than the Wushuang Empire, so…

She turned around and waved the club in her hand. ‘Swoosh!’ The remaining players of the Lanxiang Kingdom and the Tianhui Empire were swept out of the ring and dropped into the crowd with a thud.

Staring at Yun Luofeng in astonishment, An Lan felt something strange spread in his heart. Seeing Yun Luofeng approaching him, he quickly raised his hand.

“Don’t bother. I’ll get down myself.”

It was better to admit defeat than to be swept off the ring…

Therefore, An Lan, sensible enough, jumped off the platform and nodded to Yun Luofeng.

At first, he didn’t want Yun Luofeng to get the upper hand of the three empires, but now… he realized that the girl was not an ordinary person and was bound to be somebody one day.

Before Yun Luofeng began to bear a grudge against the Wushuang Empire, he had to stop fighting against her. Otherwise, with her talent, she would probably seek revenge against the Wushuang Empire in the near future…

Seeing the Wushuang Empire retreat, the Liuyue Empire players had no desire to continue fighting, so they jumped out of the ring and awkwardly left the field.

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