Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1015 - Final (2)

Chapter 1015: Final (2)

Certainly, he knew that the Tianhui Empire’s purpose was to make trouble for the Tianyun Kingdom!

Yun Luofeng slightly lifted her eyes and cast a wicked glance at Long Yuan, and a smile appeared on her gorgeous face. Her smile was breathtakingly beautiful, but everyone could feel how angry she was because she smiled devilishly.

“Elder Brother,” she said, turning her eyes to Ye Ximo, “you just need to remember, a weapon is only a tool for spirit cultivators. No matter how powerful a weapon is, it will be useless in a trash’s hands.”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Feihua’s expression suddenly changed and he shouted angrily, “Yun Luofeng, what do you mean by that? Who are you calling a trash?”

Yun Luofeng wickedly glanced at him, “Whoever acknowledges that he is one.”

Hearing her words, Qiu Feihua was trembling all over with anger. He glared at her gorgeous, wicked face and gnashed his teeth, “Good, very good! I hope you can still be so confident in the finals!”

Frowning, General Li interrupted them.

“The final is a free-for-all. The six nations will be divided into three teams. That is to say, two countries form a team., and you can choose your teammate for yourself.”

The final was designed to stop Yun Luofeng from winning.

The Lanxiang Kingdom and the Tianhui Empire always sang the same tune, so they would surely attack Yun Luofeng first. The Wushuang Empire and the Liuyue Empire would not allow a small country to get the upper hand. Therefore, the Tianyun Kingdom would be the common target for attack!

“Among the three teams, the one defeated earliest will be eliminated, and then the other two teams shall continue to fight! When there is only one team left, the two countries in the team shall fight with each other!”

In other words, one team would be eliminated when the fight began, and then the two teams left would fight with each other. When the winner was decided between the two, there would be only one team left…

And then the fight between the two countries in the same team would begin!

“It’s getting late. Lanxiang Kingdom, please choose your weapons now and the other teams shall wait.”

Qiu Feihua coldly glanced at Yun Luofeng, swaggered to the ring with lofty steps, and picked out the best one among the weapons.

The other players of the Lanxiang Kingdom also picked the most desirable weapons and walked into the ring with a smile on their face.

The other countries also chose the best ones from the remaining weapons, so when it was the Tianyun Kingdom’s turn, only a few clubs and blunt swords were left…

Yun Luofeng looked around and randomly picked up a club. She slightly narrowed her eyes and smiled wickedly, “This club looks good, perfect for beating someone’s brains out.”

Long Yuan sniffed at the girl’s words. The outcome of the final contest was clear…

The Wushuang Empire and the Liuyue Empire would surely form a team, and the Tianhui Empire would probably form a team with the Lanxiang Kingdom. And then only the Fengyun Kingdom and the Tianyun Kingdom would be left…

After the contest began, the four countries would certainly attack Yun Luofeng at the same time! At that time, the person whose brain was beaten out could only be her!

As Long Yuan expected, without any hesitation, the Liuyue Empire chose the Wushuang Empire and formed a team with the latter. The Lanxiang Kingdom also stood by the side of the Tianhui Empire.

Only the players of the Fengyun Kingdom and the Tianyun Kingdom were left, speechlessly looking at each other.


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