Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1014 - Final (1)

Chapter 1014: Final (1)

Long Yuan’s face changed greatly, and he glared at Yun Luofeng and snapped, “Yun Luofeng, stop misleading people with your evil words! I believe the players here will never be deceived by your words.”

However, instead of echoing him, the players whispered to one another and looked at Long Yuan with vigilance. Obviously, Yun Luofeng’s words had taken root in their hearts and struck a chord with them!

“Your Majesty,” General Li lowered his head and tried to convince him, “if you want to solve Yun Luofeng, you can do it at any time but not now. If you finish her here, I’m afraid it will annoy the other countries. After all, Yun Luofeng came to participate in the contest on behalf of the Tianyun Kingdom.”

Taking a deep breath and holding back his inner anger, Long Yuan coldly said, “Yun Luofeng, I’ll let you go this time, but next time you won’t be so lucky!” Long Yuan snorted coldly, and a killing intent flickered across his narrowed eyes. Then he winked at General Li.

The message was delivered in silence.

General Li coughed. As his commanding voice rang, the field quieted down in an instant.

“The semi-finals are now over. The teams entering the final are the Tianyun Kingdom, the Wushuang Empire, the Liuyue Empire, the Tianhui Empire and…!”

Qiu Feihua tightly clenched his fist. If it were not for Yun Luofeng, he would have ranked among the top five!

It was all her fault!

General Li looked at Noble Consort Ling, received her hint and continued, “The Fengyun Kingdom and the Lanxiang Kingdom!

This time, even Qiu Feihua was stunned.

According to the rule, only five teams could enter the final. The Lanxiang Kingdom didn’t even rank among the top five, so how could they enter the final?

“I know you are confused. In the past contests, if two teams had the same ranking in the semi-final, their final ranking would be decided according to their ranking in the preliminary contest. In the preliminaries, the Fengyun Kingdom raked above the Lanxiang Kingdom, and both of them won three rounds in the semi-final, so the Fengyun Kingdom should rank the fifth and the Lanxiang Kingdom the sixth.”

“But we decided to let the Lanxiang Kingdom enter the final too,” General Li looked serious and his eyes became sharp. “Though the Wushuang Empire and the Tianyun Kingdom both ranked first in the semi-final, the Tianyun Kingdom should rank first according to the preliminary results!”

The whole field was silent, and everyone was wondering what the Tianhui Empire wanted to do. Now that Yun Luofeng had an open conflict with the Tianhui Empire, why did the Tianhui Empire give the first place to Yun Luofeng? Their behavior was really puzzling…

However, they soon learned the purpose of the Tianhui Empire!

“To be fair, the Tianhui Empire will provide you with weapons in the upcoming final, and the lowest-ranking team shall have the right to choose their weapons first.”

The lowest-ranking team had the right to choose their weapons first?

In other words, the Lanxiang Kingdom would choose their weapons first, while Yun Luofeng, the champion of the semi-final, could only take the leftovers…

And they call this fair?

Many players felt it was really unfair to Yun Luofeng, and were angry at the Tianhui Empire’s behavior. However, afraid of the power of the Tianhui Empire, they didn’t dare to say anything but only despise them in their heart…

“The Tianhui Empire is really shameless,” Ye Ximo scorned with a sneer.

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