Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1013 - Xiaobai’s Battle (4)

Chapter 1013: Xiaobai's Battle (4)

Although the one who was killed was a player of the Tianhui Empire, General Li still had to recite the rule. Otherwise, the Tianhui Empire would be ridiculed by the public.

Long Yuan snorted, “There isn’t a rule that a player can kill their opponent either! They are unforgivable because they killed our player!”

All the other players had a look of disdain on their faces. Zheng Lesheng wanted to kill Lin Ruobai just now but Long Yuan didn’t stop him. But when their player was killed, he suddenly became the embodiment of justice.

Even the Wushuang Empire and the Liuyue Empire people frowned. Apparently, they were annoyed by Long Yuan’s favoritism.


Now the three empires sang the same tune, so they didn’t say anything.

“General Li, what are you waiting for? Arrest them!” Long Yuan shouted in a cold voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” General Li made an obeisance and ordered the guards to besiege the players of the Tianyun Kingdom.

“Your Majesty!” Qing Mu’s face greatly changed, “Your behavior is very improper! If you show favoritism like this, how will the public view our Tianhui Empire?”

“Qing Mu, you want to betray your country?” Long Yuan glanced at Qing Mu and asked coldly.

He accused Qing Mu of treason just because the latter couldn’t bear his behavior and tried to stop him. If Qing Mu insisted in stopping him, he would probably be implicated.

Figuring this out, Yun Luofeng raised her hand and stopped Qing Mu who still wanted to persuade Long Yuan.

“I can handle this.”

Qing Mu paused and then nodded helplessly. “Miss Yun, you are the pride of our physicians. Today, I must defend you, even at the expense of my life.”

What really mattered was never the icing on the cake but timely help…

In this situation, Qing Mu still bravely stood up for her, which Yun Luofeng would never forget in her lifetime.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Yun Luofeng didn’t look at Long Yuan, but turned to the players, “do you really think Xiaobai was in the wrong? As you’ve seen, Zheng Lesheng wanted to kill her first and she was just defending herself! If Zheng Lesheng hadn’t died, my disciple would have died! What would you do if it were you?”

The crowd fell silent.

If the enemy they faced wanted to kill them, and they had the ability to fight back, they would certainly kill the enemy first!

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lip and a wicked smile appeared on her gorgeous face.

“However, the Tianhui Empire intends to abuse public power to retaliate against us, and punish us in the name of the referee! If they can do this to my disciple now, they will do the same to you in the future! How can we trust a referee who won’t act fairly?”

How can we trust a referee who won’t act fairly?

Her words resounded throughout the field and struck a chord with the crowd.

Indeed, how could they trust a referee who wouldn’t act fairly?

“This matter has nothing to do with the Tianyun Kingdom. The Tianhui Empire just wants to take revenge for a private grudge in the name of the referee!”

“If we turn a blind eye to this, will we be the next Tianyun Kingdom?”

Though the Tianyun Kingdom had greatly impressed them in the previous contests, they would not stand up for the Tianyun Kingdom…

It was every man for himself. There were very few people who were as selfless as Qing Mu. Therefore, Yun Luofeng put the Tianhui Empire on the opposite side of these countries, and told them that the Tianyun Kingdom’s end would probably be their future!


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