Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1011 - Xiaobai’s Battle (2)

Chapter 1011: Xiaobai's Battle (2)

“Strong?” Lin Ruobai laughed and her laughter was sad and shrill. “No, I’m not strong at all! If I am really strong, then why can’t I beat this enemy? How can I hold you back?”

“But I don’t want to give it up,…” Lin Ruobai raised her bruised little face, “because I don’t want to hear people say that such a strong master has such an incapable disciple! For the sake of Master, even if there is only slim hope, I will still try my best!”

The whole field quieted down, and all the players looked at Lin Ruobai with complicated eyes.

This girl… who was only about fourteen years old, could have such a great resolution! Even if she failed in this battle, people would still admire her spirit.

“Hope?” Zheng Lesheng walked slowly to Lin Ruobai’s side, looked down at her and said with a deliberately-lowered voice, “You already have no hope…By the way, let me tell you that this time, no one from the Tianyun Kingdom can leave! Especially that good-looking woman called Yun Luofeng. If she is taken to the military camp to serve as a prostitute, the soldiers will surely enjoy her. Haha!”

Of course, Zheng Lesheng deliberately said this to irritate Lin Ruobai. After all, no matter how strong the Tianhui Empire was, it could not detain other countries’ players or it would arouse public indignation.

Even the other two empires would not allow this to happen…

Unfortunately, Lin Ruobai, simple and pure-hearted, always believed what others said. Upon hearing this she became furious and punched Zheng Lesheng in the chest.

Zheng Lesheng easily grabbed Lin Ruobai’s arm and sneered, “Angry? No, it’s more than this! None of your companions can survive this time!”

Lin Ruobai, trembling with anger, spat into Zheng Lesheng’s face and said angrily, “Shameless *sshole!”

Zheng Lesheng’s eyes darkened. He touched the spit on his face and his grim eyes were fixed on Lin Ruobai like daggers.

“Such an ill-bred b*tch must be a motherless b*stard!”

Lin Ruobai’s body froze and her face turned pale.

Her pupils constricted and her hands and feet turned cold.


She really didn’t have a mother… for her mother was taken away by the bad guys…


Anyone who called her a motherless b*stard must die!

In the ring, a wind suddenly blew fiercely and the girl standing in the center slightly raised her head. Her eyes were blood-shot and glowed with strange red light…

Her strength instantly improved greatly, and she changed from an earth-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator to a sky-level low-rank spirit cultivator, then a sky-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator, and finally a sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator.

In the blink of an eye, her strength had improved by three levels, which stunned everyone present.

Dumfounded, Zheng Lesheng stared at Lin Ruobai in astonishment, breaking out in a cold sweat and clenching his teeth. “Lin Ruobai, don’t think that you can defeat me by forcibly improving your strength with some secret technique! You will not be able to defeat me, because I have a solid foundation but you don’t!”

As if not hearing him, Lin Ruobai coldly stared at him with her glowing red eyes.

“You should die!”

Blood… was dripping down from her body and dyed her clothes red, just like the color of her eyes.

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