Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1009 - Semi-final (4)

Chapter 1009: Semi-final (4)

As long as you won, no one would care how you managed to win.

Success justified any action!

“B*tch, I’m going to kill you!”

Li Yang rushed forward angrily and kicked toward Yu Tongtong’s stomach. Yu Tongtong, with sharp eyes, agilely sidestepped him and then shot numerous arrows from her hands as she rushed behind Li Yang. Even though Li Yang quickly dodged these arrows, his palms were still pierced by two arrows and he was nailed to a column…

“Li Yang, what’s wrong with you? You can’t even dodge those arrows? Come on, shake the arrows out with your spiritual power!” Qiu Feihua frowned and cursed angrily.

At the moment, Li Yang had changed from initial shock to panic.

He, who was still furious one minute ago, suddenly found that he could no longer use spiritual energy since his hand was pierced by the sword. Otherwise, Yu Tongtong wouldn’t be able to escape from his kick, nor could the arrows hurt him.

“Did… did you poison that sword?” Li Yang asked, clenching his teeth.

“It’s not important now! You’ve lost.” Yu Tongtong laughed and looked at General Li, “He can’t move. You can declare me the winner.”

With a complex look, General Li sighed, and then he glanced at Long Yuan and announced, “The Tianyun Kingdom wins!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

Under the admiring gaze of many people, Yu Tongtong walked back to the Tianyun Kingdom team.

After Li Yang was taken down by his teammates, the contest resumed again. As expected, the players of the three empires all won and no one had lost. The Fengyun Kingdom and the Lanxiang kingdoms didn’t encounter any player of the three empires, so they didn’t lose either.

Even the underdog Tianyun Kingdom won the following rounds! However, the other players knew about the trickiness of the Tianyun Kingdom players, so they were very careful during the battle for fear of being stealthily attacked.

However, no matter how careful they were, they still lost…

The Liuyue Empire’s player, who was invincible in the previous rounds, happened to come across the Wushuang Empire’s player. Though the former was quite strong, he was no match for the latter and ended in failure.

Now, besides the Wushuang Empire, only the Tianhui Empire and the Fengyun Kingdom had never failed…

“Next, the Tianyun Kingdom… vs. the Tianhui Empire.” General Li’s voice rang again.

Upon hearing this, the audience quieted down.

The Tianhui Empire and the Tianyun Kingdom… met at this time! And both of them only had one player who hadn’t fought yet! In this round, the two countries that hadn’t lost would have to decide which one would win!

“Xiaobai.” Yun Luofeng frowned and turned her eyes to Lin Ruobai.

Lin Ruobai blinked adorably. “Master, don’t worry. I will not allow myself to lose, because I am your disciple, and if I lose, you’ll be disgraced.”

She didn’t fight for the Tianyun Kingdom, or the members of the two corps.

She only fought for one purpose – to not disgrace her master!

Since she had become Yun Luofeng’s disciple, no failure was allowed in her life!

If she lost, she would bring shame on Yun Luofeng!

Lin Ruobai’s eyes turned resolute, and she stared at the man walking into the ring…

It was Zheng Lesheng who was a sky-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator!

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