Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1008 - Semi-final (3)

Chapter 1008: Semi-final (3)

The audience all shook their heads. The Tianyun Kingdom was bound to lose this time!

Suddenly, Yu Tongtong flexed her wrist and shot numerous throwing knives that were all aimed at Li Yang’s neck.

Li Yang, who was going to continue to attack, quickly withdrew his spiritual energy and dodged the flying daggers. “You are really mean! How dare you use a concealed weapon?!”

Yu Tongtong sneered, “It’s not a concealed weapon, it’s an overt weapon. There’s no rule that only one weapon can be used in the contest!”

“Hum! Only you Tianyun Kingdom people would resort to such dirty means. Unfortunately, no matter how many means you have, they are all useless against me.”

At this moment, Li Yang remembered what Qiu Feihua told him before the contest, ‘If you meet any player of the Tianyun Kingdom, just kill them.’ A murderous look flashed across his eyes and he rushed to Yu Tongtong again.

Because of the great gap in strength, Yu tong could hardly resist him. She could only defend against Li Yang’s attack, but couldn’t attack him actively…


Suddenly, Li Yang punched Yu Tongtong on her body. She quickly moved back and vomited a mouthful of blood, her face ghastly pale.

“Yun Luofeng,” Qiu Feihua glanced at the girl standing expressionlessly beside him and said coldly, “as far as I know, you are an affectionate person. If you kneel down and beg me now, I may ask Li Yang to spare her life.”

As if not hearing him, Yun Luofeng watched the battle in the ring without blinking.

Qiu Feihua sneered, “Fine, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

He turned to Li Yang in the ring and ordered harshly, “Li Yang, kill this woman!”

Hearing his words, Li Yang released a more aggressive aura, which struck at Yu Tongtong like a sword. However, when he just reached the front of Yu Tongtong and was going to kill her with his sword, Yu Tongtong suddenly grabbed his sword…

A light of astonishment flickered across Li Yang’s eyes, and he exerted a greater force with his hands and pressed the sword down hard.

“Don’t struggle in vain. The earlier you die, the earlier you are relieved.”

Blood ran down from the woman’s palms, but she seemed unconscious of the pain and even smiled.

“As I said, I won’t hold the team back… ”


Yu Tongtong suddenly moved her hands and snapped Li Yang’s longsword into two pieces, one of which she held in her hand and threw at Li Yang.

Greatly shocked, Li Yang turned sideways to dodge the broken sword, which stuck into a pillar.

“I don’t want to lose and I won’t lose.”

Yu Tongtong wiped the blood from her lower lip and dashed at Li Yang at a breakneck speed.

Before he had any time to react, Yu Tongtong had reached the front of him. He had no choice but ward off the attack with his bare hands.

At this time, Yu Tongtong, who was also bare-handed, suddenly had a sharp sword in her hand.


The sword pierced his palm.


A shrill cry resounded throughout the field.

Li Yang yanked out the sharp sword from his palm, and covered his injured palm with his other hand. With a pale face, he stared at Yu Tongtong and gnashed his teeth, “You backstabber! You launch a sneak attack against me again!”

Yu Tongtong smiled coldly, “My Boss told me that as long as we win, we can use every possible means. On this continent, win and you are the king; lose and you are the outcast! No matter how you become the king, people will only know that you are the king of the continent!”


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