Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1007 - Semi-final (2)

Chapter 1007: Semi-final (2)

“They can handle it with their strength!”

Qing Mu shook his head and sighed, a worried look in his old eyes, but he couldn’t say anything because Yun Luofeng had already made up her mind.

“The time is up. Please submit your name list and I’ll explain the rules of the semi-final to you.”

General Li’s cold and deep voice broke the ice and made the atmosphere livelier.

All the teams immediately wrote the names of the chosen players on a slip of paper. A eunuch took them and handed them to General Li.

“The semi-final will be a one vs. one contest. The winner will stay and the loser will leave! And the final ranking will be based on the number of survivors.”

As soon as General Li finished, Qiu Feihua suddenly walked to Yun Luofeng, and said to her with a sullen face, “Yun Luofeng, your good luck is over. I’ll make you lose badly this time!”

Obviously, in Qiu Feihua’s mind, Yun Luofeng won the first place in the preliminary contest because of luck. In fact, this woman didn’t have great strength. Besides, she was so stupid as to choose five earth-level cultivators for the semi-final, which was literally equivalent to admitting defeat!

“Now that you’ve submitted the list of the chosen players, I hereby announce that the contest begins,” General Li randomly drew out two pieces of paper and said, “The first round will be the Fengyun Kingdom versus the Wushuang Empire!”

Upon hearing this, the players of the Fengyun Kingdom, who were still full of fighting spirit, lost their hearts. They never thought that they would meet the Wushuang Empire in the first round. In order to preserve their fighting power, the Fengyun Kingdom team chose the weakest player among the five in the first round.

The result… was as everyone expected.

The Fengyun Kingdom player lost, and lost badly! He didn’t even resist a single attack of his opponent before he was kicked out of the ring…

There was no suspense about the subsequent rounds. The players of the three empires were simply invincible, and their status was unshakable. Of course, each of the five players of each country could only fight once.

The loser would leave and the winner would stay.

The final ranking would be based on the number of winners.

“The Lanxiang Kingdom… vs. the Tianyun Kingdom!”

It happened that the Lanxiang Kingdom player was the Tianyun Kingdom’s first opponent.

“Let me fight with him.” Yu Tongtong volunteered, frowning.

“No, it’ll be too dangerous for you to confront the Lanxiang Kingdom player. Let us…”

“It’s alright. I won’t hold Boss back.”

Yu Tongtong stepped out resolutely and gazed at the man who was walking onto the ring, her voice firm and confident.

“A woman?”

In the ring, the man glanced at Yu Tongtong who was walking toward him, his eyes filled with contempt.

“I won’t have any mercy on a woman. Be careful! You may be killed by me.” Arrogantly holding his head high, Li Yang sneered.

Undeterred, Yu Tongtong stepped firmly into the ring.

“Can we start now? ” she turned to the referee and asked.

From the very beginning, she didn’t look at Li Yang, as if she ignored his existence. After all, Yu Tongtong had followed Yun Luofeng for so long, and she copied the air of haughtiness from her boss.

Enraged by her, Li Yang shouted and rushed to Yu Tongtong. Yu Tongtong turned around, quickly pulled out her weapon and resisted Li Yang’s attack…


Li Yang’s powerful force directly struck her body via this attack and made her shake and retreat two steps. In the first round, Li Yang gained the upper hand.


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