Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1005 - Taking the First Place Again

Chapter 1005: Taking the First Place Again

As if not hearing the clamor, General Li went on, “The runner-up is the Wushuang Empire.”

The runner-up was the Wushuang Empire?

Slightly narrowing his eyes, An Lan turned to the players of the Tianhui Empire, saluted to them and said, “Congratulations, you win the first place this time. But I will take it back next year!”

“Haha, we’re flattered.”

Not noticing Long Yuan’s sullen face at all, the players of the Tianhui Empire laughed in response. Since the Liuyue Empire took third place and the Wushuang Empire won second, then their Tianhui Empire must be the winner! Some players had whistled triumphantly, celebrating the victory of the Tianhui Empire…

General Li’s face turned black, and he took a deep breath. “The winner is… the Tianyun Kingdom!”

The Tianyun Kingdom?

Those who didn’t know the situation froze after hearing those three words.

The winner was the Tianyun Kingdom? Did they hear it right? How could the Tianyun Kingdom get the first place in the preliminary contest?

The people of the two empires were so shocked that they quickly turned their eyes to the Tianyun Kingdom team. Among these people, the Tianhui Empire people looked most upset, who kept glaring at the Tianyun Kingdom players.

“The winner is the Tianyun Kingdom? That’s impossible! There must be something wrong! How can they get to the top?”

Qing Mu frowned. He didn’t like the attitude of the Tianhui Empire team, who just refused to admit they were defeated.

“The Tianyun Kingdom was the winner of this contest. With so many people witnessing it, how could it be false? His Majesty wouldn’t have ordered an early end to the contest if he wasn’t trying to prevent the Tianyun Kingdom from winning. Unfortunately, even though he stopped it early, first place was still taken by the Tianyun Kingdom.”

Long Yuan’s face darkened and he stared at Qing Mu sharply. This old man, a citizen of the Tianhui Empire, ignored his own country’s interests and took sides with a foreign country! It seems that he really shouldn’t allow him to stay here.

Ye Ximo had come to his senses from his initial astonishment. He gave Yun Luofeng a big hug, an excited smile on his handsome face.

“Sister-in-law, did you hear that? We are the winner, hahaha!”

Holding his head high, Ye Ximo felt so proud and elated.

Qing Mu smiled, “But Miss Yun, I have something to ask you. Why was your team’s score low in the beginning, but soared afterward?”

This was exactly what the other people wanted to ask. Now Qing Mu asked the question for them.

Ye Ximo laughed and interposed, “That’s because my sister-in-law didn’t participate in the contest for the first six days!”


Yun Luofeng didn’t participate in the contest until the seventh day?

The crowd was obviously shocked by Ye Ximo’s words and no one would expect such an answer. The poorest performers in their eyes jumped to the eleventh place just in six days?

“Alas,” said Qing Mu with a bitter smile, “Miss Yun, I knew you were a talent, but I’m still frightened by your talent. In one day you helped your team reach first place from the eleventh! I’m afraid that…. no one can match you in this aspect.”

Hearing Qing Mu’s words, the crowd, who only paid attention to Yun Luofeng’s subordinates, suddenly realized a fact.

The difference between the eleventh and the first place was huge.

But she eliminated this gap within a single day!


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